• Egypt 858 : Archiving as a tool of resistance | MadaMasr

    Seven years ago, volunteers — some of whom would later make up the Mosireen collective — began collecting footage from the public at a tent in the center of the Tahrir sit-in during the 2011 revolution. On January 16, 2018, Mosireen released 858 hours of this footage, time-stamped and indexed.

    Housed today on Pandora, an open-source tool designed to provide a home for media archives of heavily text-annotated video material, this fresh archive sits there, gazing at us, waiting for us to gaze back and think of what’s next, beyond recalling the moments it froze for us on screen.

    Intrigued, editors Leila Arman, Lina Attalah, Ahmed Mongey, Yasmine Zohdi and interns Nada Nabil and Farida Hussein from Mada sat down with Mosireen members and 858 creators, all of whom have a background in filmmaking and writing. We spoke about the process of curating the 858 archive, the ways in which it could breed more archives (as well as other mediums of documentation) and, ultimately, the relationship between archives, death and redemption.

    https://seenthis.net/messages/668300 via Nouvelles d’Orient