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  • Comment le blah-blah sur « l’économie du partage » permet à AirBnB de prospérer, avec le soutien actif de l’UE.

    EU blocking cities’ efforts to curb Airbnb, say campaigners | World news | The Guardian

    .../... While it might have started as a “community” of amateur hosts offering spare rooms or temporarily vacant homes to travellers, Airbnb had seen three-digit growth in several European cities since 2014 and was now a big, powerful corporation with the lobbying clout to match, Haar said.

    The platform lists around 20,500 addresses in in Berlin, 18,500 in Barcelona, 61,000 in Paris and nearly 19,000 in Amsterdam. Data scraped by the campaign group InsideAirbnb suggests that in these and other tourist hotspots, more than half – sometimes as many as 85% – of listings are whole apartments.

    .../... “You can still find the pensioner renting out her spare room for a bit of extra cash,” Haar said. “But a very substantial proportion are commercial operators, often with multiple listings, making big bucks. It’s clearly having an impact on locals’ access to affordable housing, and it’s pretty hard to see it as a sharing economy.”

    La campagne de l’organisation citée dans cet article ( #unfairbnb https://corporateeurope.org/power-lobbies/2018/05/unfairbnb ) vise à juste titre la Commission européenne. Mais que dire de l’actuel gouvernement français—sans oublier la quasi-totalité des médias, qui nous racontent la même chose depuis des années ?

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