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  • Yell Fire, Not Rape

    Another point that really shocked not only me, but everyone in the room who hadn’t heard it before, was to cry out “fire” instead of “rape” when you were in that situation.

    The officers explained that more people would come to your aid if you yelled out fire, it gets everybody’s attention, whereas yelling rape might deter some people away from wanting to avoid the incident all together, because they simply just don’t want to get involved or understand the severity of it. Almost every girl in the room shook their heads, we could not believe that we would receive a higher chance of help if we yelled out something else.

    It made my stomach turn, coming to grasp that rape has become so common that we are offered these free classes at our University before Spring Break trips because men will make the decision to sexually assault a girl.

    I don’t believe we are teaching boys this isn’t okay as much as we are teaching girls how to protect themselves.

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