• US support for Israel eroding, but not among Trump voters, poll finds |

    The Electronic Intifada

    Back in January, I wrote that President Donald Trump’s tight embrace of Israel may accelerate Israel’s loss of support among key segments of the American public.

    Now, a new YouGov survey for The Economist confirms that support for Israel aligns more than ever with Trump’s base – a hotbed of right-wing, white nationalist and Christian Zionist views – while eroding among other Americans.

    Today, just 37 percent of those surveyed are prepared to describe Israel as an “ally” of the United States – a remarkably low number given the record-setting military aid Israel receives and the constant professions of “unbreakable bonds” between the two countries from American politicians across the political spectrum.

    Overall, another 25 percent say Israel is “friendly,” while nine percent view it as “unfriendly,” 23 percent are unsure and six percent say Israel is an outright “enemy.”

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