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  • Sexual harassment at music festival was kept quiet - Radio Sweden | Sveriges Radio

    Ah tiens, les problèmes de #harcèlement_sexuel ou d’#agression_sexuelle de #femmes pendant certains festivals de musique commencent à émerger. La police considère sans doute que ce sont des délits mineurs.

    “Normally police used to talk about when they do something or when big things are happening. Why it did not happen in this case, I do not know. I will investigate it,” he told Swedish Radio.

    And in an interview with the daily Expressen, the National Police commissioner Dan Eliasson also weighed in, saying that he will make sure it is investigated.

    “If what is being claimed is correct, it is serious from several points of view. We may have been able to stop some girls from being harassed if we had spoken more openly about this. And in addition, it is, of course, not our role to take any political considerations into account,” he said, adding that that also counts for the police’s communication department.

    Anders Ygeman, the Minister for Home Affairs, told news agency TT he welcomed Eliasson’s plan to investigate why this happened.

    “Naturally, it’s unacceptable if the police conceal information. We must get to the bottom of this and chart out what in fact happened,” Ygeman said.


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