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    Quand on enlève les références à la Thailande et les dates précises on obtient une définition de ce que sont les armées sous le capitalisme et ses prédécesseurs.

    what is the purpose of the Thai military?

    The short answer is that it has two main functions.

    The first function is to protect ruling class rule from challenges by mass movements to expand the democratic space. All the weapons, tanks and other military equipment used by the military have been used in anger against citizens. In Bangkok they shot down demonstrators in 1973, 1976, 1992 and 2010. They have waged a civil war against the communists who sought a more egalitarian society and they are currently engaged in a vicious war in the Patani to prevent Malay Muslim self-determination. They have also occasionally staged military coups in order to “hold the line” against civilian political threats. But more often than not military coups have been about military self-interest, which brings me to the military’s second purpose.

    The second purpose of the Thai military is to satisfy the sheer greed of the officer corps. Even when not in political power, the military provides rich and corrupt pickings for those in the top ranks. Corruption from weapons purchases, excess state funds for military activities and the chance to sit on the executive boards of state enterprises, all go to lining their pockets. Add to this the illegal trade in narcotics, human trafficking and other mafia type activities. And when they are in political power like now, the opportunities for enrichment are unlimited.

    The effect of this nasty parasitic organisation is to act as a barrier to political progress and to divert important resources from the health, education and general well-being of most citizens.


    Mirabeau disait que « La Prusse n’est pas un État qui possède une armée, c’est une armée ayant conquis la nation. »
    Honoré-Gabriel Riquetti de Mirabeau, De la monarchie prussienne sous Frédéric le Grand, vol. 1, Londres,‎ 1788

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