• With Zombie, Le Temps wants to give a second life to its evergreen stories – LE BAC À SABLE

    Zombie will analyse articles on Le Temps’ website using data from both Chartbeat and Google Analytics. It will score each article according to its relevance and quality. This score will be calculated using the article’s reading time, viewing history and engagement on social media networks. Zombie will also identify key people, places and events mentioned in the article using semantic analysis APIs. It will create a database that, over time, will hold thousands of articles of interest that could be republished.

    2. Several times a day, Zombie will see what the hottest topics are in Google Trends, Google News and Twitter’s Trending Topics. It will then check to see whether its database contains any articles related to these topics. If so, Zombie will alert Le Temps’ editorial staff in two ways: through a daily email with that day’s suggestions, and with Slack (serving as a real-time alert system).

    Once alerted, the newspaper’s web editor and community manager can decide whether to republish the articles suggested by Zombie or repost them on social media.

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