• Let’s build together — NZZ’s storytelling toolbox Q is now open source

    Here are some key features:
    – Simple user interface and workflows, designed for people with no specific expertise in data visualisation, to facilitate broad usage in newsrooms.
    – The same workflow from creation to publication for all tools, making it easy for users to understand new tools.
    – Searchable archive of all items created with any of the tools, so that everything can be easily re-used, edited and used as blueprints.
    – The same item can be rendered in different ways and designs for different targets (server side rendered, client side rendered, raster image, svg, you name it)
    – The data for the graphics is stored in a database and rendered on runtime (with heavy caching), making sure you always have the latest version everywhere it’s embedded, with no additional effort.
    – Q server, Q editor and tool services are decoupled and communicate via HTTP. This allows you to use whatever technologies fit your needs best.
    Tools define the editor form using JSON schema with some extensions, making it very easy to set up new tools.

    The tools currently available are:
    – Election results: Votes for people
    – Election results: Votes for parties
    – Election results: Seats won by parties

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