• Corbyn snubs Balfour centennial celebration, slammed by U.K. Jewish group - Europe - Haaretz.com


    Jeremy Corbyn, head of the British Labour party, announced that he would decline an invitation celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, the Jewish Chronicle reported on Sunday.
    Hamas tweeted the article, and commented that the UK should formally apologize and compensate Palestinians for the Balfour Declaration.
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    The Chair of the Jewish Leadership Council in Britain, Jonathan Goldstein, called Corbyn’s decision not to attend the event “deeply unfortunate.”
    Corbyn and his Labour party have faced allegations of anti-Semitism since his election to the party’s helm in 2015. Corbyn is a divisive figure among Jewish voters who believe there has been a rise in cases of anti-Semitic statements by party members since then.
    Last month, Corbyn declined to attend a Labour Friends of Israel reception.

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