• Israel’s stupid, ignorant and amoral betrayal of the truth on Polish involvement in the Holocaust

    We accepted the mendacious official Polish narrative, and swallowed it. And we legitimized the government’s campaign to harass, fine and impoverish Polish liberals, academics, journalists and simply honest people who expose Poles’ involvement in the crimes of the Holocaust

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    Jul 04, 2018


    The Polish and Israeli governments have reached an agreement on an amendment to the Polish law that states that claiming that Poland as a country, or the Polish people, were responsible for crimes committed by the Nazis is a criminal offense punishable by up to three years in prison. According to the agreement, this criminal aspect was removed.
    The Polish government passed the law to begin with to defend its good name against accusations that many Poles took part in the murder of Jews during the Holocaust. And who will decide on the historical facts? According to the Poles, it will be the Institute of National Remembrance, which is run by the politicians controlling the country today.
    And so according to the law – even after the agreement with Israel – the government will determine what happened in the past via historians in its service, and this narrative cannot be critiqued by historians, independent researchers or others. Is this acceptable to the Israeli government?
    >> With Nationalists in Power, Can Jews Ever Feel at Home in Poland? | Opinion ■ The Polish were once victims of historical whitewashing. Now they are doing the same | Analysis >> 
    The joint announcement by Israel and Poland also states that many segments of Polish society helped Jews. This position diminishes the heroism of Poland’s Righteous Among the Nations because the noble-spirited Polish rescuers had to hide not only from the Germans, but also, and perhaps mainly, from their Polish neighbors.
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    Yad Vashem has recognized some 6,750 Polish Righteous Among the Nations. They are a small and courageous minority. Unfortunately, the social norm that was accepted in occupied Poland was completely different: The usual conduct was not to help Jews, but to harm them, and many Poles were involved in the persecution of Jews. Europeans’ cooperation with the Nazi death machine was widespread, of course, not only in Poland. But in other countries, scholars who uncover this can’t be penalized.
    As for the abrogation of the criminal aspect of the law, let’s not forget that this also means eliminating the exception of historians and literary figures whose profession is to write about this subject. From now on they too, and of course also journalists, educators, politicians and others, can be sued for revealing historical truths. Eliminating the criminal aspect lifts the threat of imprisonment and fines in criminal proceedings, but not punishment in civil proceedings.
    In fact, the revamped law encourages civil suits against Poles who claim that a good many Poles were involved in persecuting Jews. Naturally, this claim is correct. There were Poles who gave Jews up to the Polish police, who in turn gave them to the Germans. There were those who turned Jews in directly to the Germans, and there were those who murdered Jews themselves.

    The clauses of the law that still stand can, apparently, be imposed via civil proceedings against anyone claiming that the main motives for persecuting Jews were the anti-Semitism of a good many Poles and the greed of Poles who on a huge scale throughout Poland stole the possessions of those who were deported and murdered.
    The Law and Justice party now rules Poland, with a decisive majority in parliament. In fact, the government is in the hands of the party chairman, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, who in this is imitating Stalin, who controlled the Soviet Union from his position as head of the Bolshevik party. Kaczynski and his party are of course anti-Communist, so their rule can be defined as Bolshevik anti-Communism.
    >> Opinion: Neither Poland nor Israel can afford their fixation with the past >> 
    Kaczynski announced a few days ago that preparations are already being made in civil courts to sue offenders. These people could be required to pay high fines.
    Polish liberals, academics, journalists and simply honest people who want to expose the acts of harassment by Poles against Jews during the Holocaust could risk impoverishment and loss of livelihood. It may be assumed that their research funding will be reduced or eliminated, and honest people will be removed from their jobs. Poland will quickly become an illiberal democracy, the term favored by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who supports this nationalist-populist revolt and will receive a royal welcome by the Israeli government on his upcoming visit here.
    The declaration by Warsaw and Jerusalem legitimizes this betrayal by the Israeli government of the historical truth, the memory of the Holocaust and the marvelous people in Poland who investigated the facts on which we base our criticism. And for what did the Israeli government sacrifice truth and justice? For its current economic, security and political interests, which are more important than some Holocaust that happened 70 or 80 years ago.
    We accepted the mendacious official Polish narrative, and swallowed it. If we come now to the Americans or the Europeans with complaints against what this generates in Poland, they’ll answer us, and rightfully, that the Israeli government accepted the Polish facts. I don’t know what was going on here – ignorance, stupidity or the clear amoral victory of transient interests that will remain with us as an eternal disgrace. And perhaps it was simply betrayal.

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  • Yves Lacoste, géographe en casque postcolonial


    En couverture d’Aventures d’un géographe (Des Équateurs, avril 2018) est reproduite la carte d’Al-Idrissi, qui vécut à Fès, ville de naissance d’Yves Lacoste. Géographe arabe du XIIe siècle, Al-Idrissi conçut sa carte en orientant le nord en bas et le sud en haut. Or, la carte originale a ici été renversée afin de la conformer aux canons de la cartographie occidentale. Les toponymes arabes y apparaissent donc à l’envers. Deux noms y ont été ajoutés, en français, ceux d’Hérodote et d’Ibn Khaldoun. Le graphiste a ainsi bien résumé la géographie d’Yves Lacoste : loin de servir à faire la guerre, elle sert à transformer son objet d’étude afin de le rendre conforme à une vision préétablie.

    Né en 1929, Yves Lacoste est un des rares géographes à avoir eu accès à la notoriété. Pionnier de la géopolitique française, il a fondé la revue Hérodote et publié chez Maspero La géographie, ça sert d’abord à faire la guerre en 1976. Première analyse critique de la fonction idéologique de la géographie, ce livre séduisant dressait la perspective d’en finir avec une géographie des professeurs, « discipline embêtante mais somme toute bonnasse. »

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  • Saudis arrest another women’s right activist

    The arrest of Hatoon al-Fassi is part of Riyadh’s crackdown on activists in the kingdom.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera News

    Saudi Arabia has arrested Hatoon al-Fassi, a Saudi women’s rights activist and writer, as part of its crackdown on activists in the kingdom, a human rights group said.

    ALQST, a UK-based rights group focusing on Saudi Arabia, confirmed to Al Jazeera on Wednesday al-Fassi’s arrest.

    Considered a leading figure in women’s rights in the region, and the kingdom, in particular, al-Fassi has long been fighting for the rights of Saudi women, including their right to participate in municipal elections.

    As a scholar, her work focuses on women’s history and politics.
    WATCH: One year since Mohammed bin Salman crowned prince of Saudi (2:25)

    Al-Fassi was among the first Saudi women to drive for the first time since the religiously conservative country overturned the world’s only ban on female drivers.

    Last month, the government announced that a number of activists were being held for having suspicious contacts with foreign entities, as well as offering financial support to “foreign enemies”.

    Other suspects were being sought, the government said at the time, while state-linked media labelled those arrested as traitors and “agents of embassies”.

    Eight of the 17 detained activists, including five women, were later temporarily released “until the completion of their procedural review”.

    None of the activists has yet been officially charged, and they are being held incommunicado - with no access to their families or lawyers.

    Earlier on Wednesday, United Nations experts urged Saudi Arabia to immediately release a number of women’s human rights defenders arrested in the nationwide crackdown.

    “In stark contrast with this celebrated moment of liberation for Saudi women, women’s human rights defenders have been arrested and detained on a wide scale across the country, which is truly worrying and perhaps a better indication of the Government’s approach to women’s human rights,” they said in a statement.

    “We call for the urgent release of all of those detained while pursuing their legitimate activities in the promotion and protection of women’s rights in Saudi Arabia.”
    #Arabie_saoudite #droits_des_femmes#repression#liberte_d'_expression

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  • France : Systra, Egis Rail et Alstom collaborent avec la construction du tramway de l’Apartheid
    Adri Nieuwhof - 22 juin 2018 – The Electronic Intifada – Traduction : Chronique de Palestine

    Trois entreprises françaises sont impliquées dans l’extension du tramway de Jérusalem par Israël, alors que de nouvelles lignes sont prévues pour connecter, à Jérusalem-Ouest, davantage de colonies israéliennes en Cisjordanie occupée.

    Systra, Egis Rail et Alstom

    Un nouveau rapport documente une partie des violations des droits de l’homme et du droit international associées au tramway de Jérusalem, en présentant une plainte contre les trois sociétés, Systra, Egis Rail et Alstom.

    L’entreprise française Veolia a joué un rôle déterminant dans la réalisation de la première ligne du métro léger qui relie le mont Herzl à l’ouest de Jérusalem, à la colonie de Pisgat Zeev en Cisjordanie.

    En conséquence, Veolia a été constamment la cible du mouvement Boycott, Désinvestissement et Sanctions (BDS) pendant près d’une décennie. La société a finalement cédé toutes ses activités en Israël en 2015.

    L’expérience de Veolia n’a cependant pas empêché Systra et Egis Rail de signer des contrats pour la conception et la construction de trois nouvelles lignes qui relieront davantage de colonies israéliennes à Jérusalem-Ouest dans la deuxième phase du projet.

    Tout comme Veolia, l’entreprise française Alstom a joué un rôle majeur dans la première ligne du métro léger. L’entreprise a livré les élévateurs et fournit des services de maintenance.

    Alstom soumissionne également pour de nouveaux projets d’extension du métro léger.

    Le rapport documentant cette complicité a été réalisé grâce à la collaboration de groupes internationaux, palestiniens et français, dont la Fédération Internationale des Droits de l’Homme – FIDH, Al-Haq et deux grandes fédérations syndicales françaises, la CGT et la CFDT.

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  • C’est une thèse assez répandue dans les milieux proches de l’Autorité palestinienne, mais elle n’a une grande crédibilité à mon humble avis.

    Trump’s peace plan may have a surprising Palestinian partner: Hamas -

    Senior Hamas figures are sending up a direct-negotiations trial balloon, indicating interest in buying into the White House plan to ease the crisis in Gaza. The consequences could be explosive

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    Jun 25, 2018 4:56 PM

    Last week, the former spokesperson of Hamas’ interior and security ministry, Islam Shahwan, posed an unusual question on Facebook. 
    “What if decision makers in Gaza invited [Israeli] decision makers to meet at the [Erez] border crossing to discuss Gaza’s tragic conditions, to find a direct solution between the two sides, away from the interventions of [Palestinian Authority, Egyptian and other mediator] devils?”

    Facebook question by former Hamas spokesman, Islam ShahwanFacebook
    It seems hardly coincidental that Shahwan raised this possibility of a public debate about direct contact with Israel at the same time as Trump Mideast advisors Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt were visiting the region to discuss Trump’s apparently imminent peace plan which, by many accounts, not least Kushner’s own hints, intends to deal with Gaza separately from the West Bank.
    This trial balloon on such a sensitive topic, likely the result of instructions from high up in the ranks of Hamas, reveals a vital discourse going on now within the Islamist movement which rules Gaza. The same organization, formally dedicated to Israel’s destruction, now appears to be suggesting direct talks with it- to break the predicament of its reliance on mediators for what have been years of fruitless indirect talks with Israel.
    Two hours after Shahwan’s post, senior Hamas analyst, Ibrahim al-Madhoun, proposed a framework for that dialogue: setting out, in effect, the best case scenario: maximum Hamas gains with minimal and unarticulated concessions. That can easily be seen as a tactic for neutralizing most kneejerk opprobrium for steps towards appeasement with Israel.
    “Hamas doesn’t mind any deal through which Gaza will be set free, the blockade will be lifted, with a seaport and an airport and a prisoner swap. Weapons would be regulated, without giving up any of the rights of the Palestinian people,” he suggested.
    Close enough to top Hamas leaders to know what’s going on behind the scenes, Al-Madhoun reiterated widely-reported news in the region - that Hamas is working with Egypt to push a comprehensive cease-fire deal with Israel. That deal would mean Hamas would stop building tunnels, continue to prevent primitive projectiles from being fired towards Israel, and participate in a prisoner swap. In return, Israel’s illegal blockade on Gaza would be lifted and Gaza would build an internationally-run airport and seaport.
    The timing of reproducing such proposal might show how Hamas is hastening to pre-empt the Trump peace plan, to finally get a share of the “peace process cake” - and to have their revenge on the Paestinian Authority at the same time.

    Palestinian Hamas top leader Ismail Haniyeh, center, attends the Eid al-Fitr prayers marking the end of the holy fasting month of Ramadan, in Eastern Gaza City. June 15, 2018Khalil Hamra/AP
    In fact, Hamas has consistently proposed those same parameters after each of the last three wars on Gaza. As Haaretz’s Amos Harel wrote last week, quoting a former senior IDF official, that Hamas’ proposals are known and predictable, and “whatever issues will be discussed [after a new round of fighting] can and should be discussed now.”

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  • Egypt : A season of morality and police uniforms | MadaMasr

    Days ahead of this year’s Ramadan TV season, fans of Egyptian television sensed an impending crisis, one that played out with the sudden removal of several anticipated series from the 2018 schedule. Some of the issues cited, such as shooting delays, were familiar. What was different, however, was the extent of direct state interference in both the schedule and the content of the shows that were broadcast, contributing to what many have called the weakest Ramadan season in many years.

    Though particularly insidious this year, this kind of state control did not emerge out of the blue, there have been indications of it over the past two years. President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and other state bodies have issued a series of statements expressing their displeasure with the content of Egypt’s artistic works, criticizing TV series in particular. It seems these statements were initial steps toward cementing state control over Egypt’s media and culture industry, followed by the monopoly of state institutions and their business affiliates over the satellite TV channels considered to be the powerhouses of drama production. Most of these channels are now owned by state-acquired or affiliated production companies, namely Falcon, Egyptian Media Group and Eagle Capital, placing the production and broadcasting of TV series largely at their mercy.

    The state took one step further with the creation of the Supreme Media Regulatory Council (SMRC) and its associated Drama Committee in 2016. The council swiftly started to exercise its stated mission of practicing post-screening censorship, instructing TV channels to cut certain scenes or lines of dialogue, despite them having already been approved by the Censorship Board, as happened with the popular series Sabea Gar (The Seventh Neighbor), which ran on CBC channel from October 2017 to March 2018.

    It is not only through acquisitions and expanding the role of censorship authorities that the state has tried to influence Egypt’s TV landscape, it has also attempted to control the economy of drama production itself. For instance, producer Tamer Morsy of Synergy Productions had a stake in most of this past season’s TV series, while simultaneously holding the position of CEO of Egyptian Media Group, the current owner of ONtv network, and a shareholder of several other channels. In addition, the company entered into an agreement with a number of other channels not to sign any TV series with budgets exceeding LE70 million.

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  • «National security» cited as reason Al Jazeera nixed Israel lobby film | The Electronic Intifada

    Al Jazeera’s investigative documentary into the US Israel lobby was censored by Qatar over “national security” fears, The Electronic Intifada has learned.

    These include that broadcast of the film could add to pressure for the US to pull its massive Al Udeid air base out of the Gulf state, or make a Saudi military invasion more likely.

    A source has confirmed that broadcast of The Lobby – USA was indefinitely delayed as “a matter of national security” for Qatar. The source has been briefed by a high-level individual in Doha.

    One of the Israel lobby groups whose activities are revealed in the film has been mounting a campaign to convince the US to withdraw its military forces from Qatar – which leaders in the emirate would see as a major blow to their security.

    The tiny gas-rich monarchy houses and funds satellite channel Al Jazeera.

    In April, managers at the channel were forced to deny a claim by a right-wing American Zionist group that the program has been canceled altogether.

    In October 2017, the head of Al Jazeera’s investigative unit promised that the film would be aired “very soon.”

    Yet eight months later, it has yet to see the light of day.

    In March, The Electronic Intifada exclusively published the first concrete details of what is in the film.

    The film reportedly identifies a number of lobby groups as working directly with Israel to spy on American citizens using sophisticated data gathering techniques. The documentary is also said to cast light on covert efforts to smear and intimidate Americans seen as too critical of Israel.

    Some of the activity revealed in the film could include US organizations acting as front operations for Israel without registering as agents of a foreign state as required by US law.

    The latest revelation over the censored film shows how seriously Qatar’s leadership is taking threats of repercussions should it air.

    The Israel lobby groups reported on in the film could be expected to take legal action against Al Jazeera if it is broadcast.

    However, such threats alone would be unlikely to deter Al Jazeera from broadcasting the film.

    The network has a history of vigorously defending its work and it was completely vindicated over complaints about a documentary aired in January 2017 that revealed how Israel lobby groups in Britain collude with the Israeli embassy, and how the embassy interfered in British politics.

    Israel’s supporters are also pushing for the US Congress to force the network, which has a large US operation, to register as a “foreign agent” in a similar fashion to Russian channel RT.

    But the high-level individual in Doha’s claim that the film is being censored as “a matter of national security” ties the affair to even more serious threats to Qatar and bolsters the conclusion that the censorship is being ordered at the highest level of the state.

    A year ago, with the support of US President Donald Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates cut off diplomatic relations with Qatar and imposed a transport and economic blockade on the country.

    Saudi rulers and their allies see Qatar as too independent of their influence and too open to relations with their regional rival Iran, and the blockade was an attempt to force it to heel.

    The Saudis and Israel accused Qatar of funding “terrorism,” and have taken measures to restrict Al Jazeera or demanded it be shut down altogether over what they perceive as the channel’s anti-Israel and anti-Saudi-monarchy biases.

    The blockade and the diplomatic assault sparked existential fears in Qatar that Saudi-led forces could go as far as to invade and install a more pliant regime in Doha.

    French newspaper Le Monde reported on Friday that the Saudi king has threatened “military action” against Qatar should it go ahead with a planned purchase of a Russian air defense missile system.

    In 2011, Saudi and Emirati forces intervened in Bahrain, another small Gulf nation, at the request of its ruling Khalifa monarchy in order to quell a popular uprising demanding democratic reforms.

    For three years, US and British-backed Saudi and Emirati forces have been waging a bloody and devastating war on Yemen to reimpose a Saudi-backed leadership on the country, clear evidence of their unprecedented readiness to directly use military force to impose their will.

    And no one in the region will have forgotten how quickly Iraqi forces were able to sweep in and take over Kuwait in August 1990.

    Air base
    The lesson of the Kuwait invasion for other small Gulf countries is that only the protection of the United States could guarantee their security from bigger neighbors.

    Qatar implemented that lesson by hosting the largest US military facility in the region, the massive Al Udeid air base.

    The Saudi-led bloc has pushed for the US to withdraw from the base and the Saudi foreign minister predicted that should the Americans pull out of Al Udeid, the regime in Doha would fall “in less than a week.”

    US warplanes operate from the Al Udeid air base near Doha, Qatar, October 2017. US Air Force Photo
    It would be a disaster from the perspective of Doha if the Israel lobby was to put its full weight behind a campaign to pull US forces out of Qatar.

    Earlier this year, an influential member of Congress and a former US defense secretary publicly discussed moving the US base out of Qatar at a conference hosted by the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD).

    FDD is a neoconservative Israel lobby group that happens to be one of the subjects of the undercover Al Jazeera film.

    As The Electronic Intifada revealed in March, FDD is one of the groups acting as an agent of the Israeli government even though it is not registered to do so.

    In July 2017, FDD’s Jonathan Schanzer testified to Congress that it would be an “insane arrangement” to keep US forces at the Al Udeid air base while Qatar continued to support “terror.”

    It will concentrate minds in Doha that FDD was one of the lobby groups most dedicated to destroying the international deal with Iran over its nuclear energy program, a goal effectively achieved when the Trump administration pulled out of it last month.

    In a sign of how vulnerable Qatar feels over the issue, Doha has announced plans to upgrade the Al Udeid base in the hope, as the US military newspaper Stars and Stripes put it, “that the strategic military hub will be counted as one of the Pentagon’s permanent overseas installations.”

    The final straw?
    The cornerstone of Qatar’s effort to win back favor in Washington has been to aggressively compete with its Gulf rivals for the affections of Israel and its Washington lobby.

    Their belief appears to be that this lobby is so influential that winning its support can result in favorable changes to US policy.

    Qatar’s charm offensive has included junkets to Doha for such high-profile Israel supporters as Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz and Morton Klein, the head of the Zionist Organization of America who publicly took credit for convincing Qatar’s ruler Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani to veto broadcast of the documentary.

    While an all-out Saudi invasion of Qatar over a film series may seem far fetched, the thinking in Doha seems to be that broadcast of The Lobby – USA could be the final straw that antagonizes Qatar’s enemies and exposes it to further danger – especially over Al Udeid.

    With an administration in Washington that is seen as impulsive and unpredictable – it has just launched a trade war against its biggest partners Canada and the European Union – leaders in Doha may see it as foolhardy to take any chances.

    If that is the reason Al Jazeera’s film has been suppressed it is not so much a measure of any real and imminent threat Qatar faces, but rather of how successfully the lobby has convinced Arab rulers, including in Doha, that their well-being and longevity rests on cooperating with, or at least not crossing, Israel and its backers.

    Asa Winstanley is associate editor and Ali Abunimah is executive director of The Electronic Intifada.

    Qatar Al Jazeera The Lobby—USA Al Udeid air base Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani Donald Trump Jared Kushner Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates Bahrain Iran Kuwait Foundation for the Defense of Democracies Jonathan Schanzer Morton Klein Alan Dershowitz Zionist Organization of America

    Gaza medic killed by Israel as she rescued injured
    Ali Abunimah 2 June 2018

    Who is the Labour Party’s “witchfinder general”?
    Asa Winstanley 31 May 2018

    Israeli minister threatens to destroy Gaza “once and for all”
    Ali Abunimah 30 May 2018

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  • Jewish extremists taunt ’Ali’s on the grill’ at slain toddler’s relatives | The Times of Israel

    Des terroristes sionistes se réjouissent publiquement, bruyamment et impunément de la mort d’un enfant palestinien (tué par leurs pairs), et les juges sionistes chargés de juger deux participants au crime se préparent à rendre un verdict encourageant des meurtres similaires,

    Inside in a dramatic ruling moments prior, the court’s three-judge panel threw out a confession given by the teenage accomplice accused of involvement in the deadly Duma attack, saying that the statement had been given under duress.

    However, a confession given by primary suspect Amiram Ben-Uliel was cleared for use after judges determined that enough time had passed between when he was tortured and when he admitted to the crime.

    The decision creates a major hurdle for the prosecution, which may now need to throw out the case against the unnamed minor accused of helping plan the firebombing of the Dawabsha family home on July 31, 2015.

    The minor and Amiram Ben-Uliel, charged last year with carrying out the attack, have claimed innocence, insisting they only confessed to the crime after being subjected to torture at the hands of Shin Bet interrogators.

    #impunité « #villa_dans_la_jungle » #Israel #sionisme #crimes

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  • Quand #Israël créait un groupe terroriste pour semer le chaos au #Liban

    Dans les années 1979-1982, le gouvernement israélien a créé au Liban une organisation qui a commis de très nombreux #Attentats terroristes. Dans son livre, Rise and Kill First : The Secret History of Israel’s Targeted Assassinations le chroniqueur militaire israélien Ronen Bergman revient, entre autres, sur cet épisode qui reste largement occulté. Des choses terribles ont été faites avec le soutien de Sharon. J’ai soutenu et même participé à quelques-unes des opérations d’assassinats effectuées par (...)


    / Liban, Israël, Organisation de libération de la Palestine (OLP), #Terrorisme, #Histoire, #Assassinats_politiques, #Terrorisme_d'État, Attentats, Liban (...)

    #Organisation_de_libération_de_la_Palestine_OLP_ #Liban_1982

  • Egypt, Ethiopia approach negotiations over filling Renaissance Dam reservoir | MadaMasr


    As the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) nears completion, both Egyptian and Ethiopian sources say that the most significant outcome of Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s three-day visit to Cairo in early June was reaching a direct understanding with Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on beginning to draft a legal agreement regarding filling the dam’s reservoir.

    The water reservoir is projected to be filled with approximately 75 billion cubic meters over the course of three phases, and is designated to generate a massive electricity supply for Ethiopia. The construction of the dam commenced six years ago, and the Nile Basin country is expected to mark the launch of the first filling phase later this year with mass popular celebrations.

    Egypt is concerned that filling the reservoir too rapidly would affect its water share, which it already claims is insufficient. But since construction began, Ethiopia has reiterated that the project — whose projected cost is approximately US$4.2 billion — is vital to the development of the country and to meeting the needs of its population, which is nearly as large as Egypt’s.

    Although Ahmed was friendly during the three day visit, which ran from June 10 to June 12, and repeatedly expressed that Ethiopia completely “understands” the significance of the matter of the Nile water to the Egyptian people and, consequently, the implications of “any big setbacks” in that regard for “[Sisi]’s situation,” he was also clear that his country is determined to begin the first filling phase this coming fall, sources speaking on condition of anonymity tell Mada Masr.

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  • New U.S.-Russia-Saudi oil alliance could also have implications for Israel and Iran

    A reported deal between Putin and the Saudi crown prince means they will have members of OPEC over a barrel when they meet in Vienna this weekend – but Jerusalem will be an interested spectator as well

    Anshel PfefferSendSend me email alerts
    Jun 20, 2018


    Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman didn’t look like someone whose national team was losing 5-0 to Russia last Thursday. The broad smiles as he sat beside Russian President Vladimir Putin in the VIP box at Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium indicated the opening match of the World Cup was just an excuse for their meeting.
    According to briefings by Russian officials after the crown prince had left Moscow, he and Putin had agreed on a joint policy worth more than any sports trophy.
    The two governments – also two of the world’s major energy producers – had reportedly agreed to “institutionalize” the relationship between Russia and the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). Does this include all the OPEC members who are meeting in Vienna on Friday? Almost certainly not.
    OPEC exists in theory to ensure its members’ market share of the global energy market and to try and boost oil prices, ensuring their major source of income remains lucrative. But it depends on consensus and coordination between the members. And geopolitics can intrude – in this case, the deepening enmity between two of the major oil producers: the Saudis and Iran.
    In 2016, following a prolonged dip in oil prices (which saw the price of a barrel of crude drop to below $30), OPEC’s 14 members – along with OPEC Plus, a second group of associated nations, including Russia – agreed to cut back production. Along with the rise in global financial activity, this has gradually pushed oil prices back to over $70 a barrel.
    Now, though, some nations – led by the Saudis and Russia – are calling for an increase in production. They are losing market share to U.S. shale oil producers and argue that, since demand is currently high, putting more oil on the market will not dramatically affect prices. They calculate that any dip in prices will be offset by the increase in production.
    But not all OPEC members are capable of boosting production.
    Iran, about to come under stiff new sanctions from the Trump administration, is already losing orders worth hundreds of thousands of barrels. In Venezuela, production is already plummeting due to political turmoil and the economic meltdown under the Maduro government, which also faces U.S. sanctions. For both countries, lower oil prices will only compound their financial woes.

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  • La remarquable occultation de la campagne israélienne d’attentats à la voiture piégée au Liban ou : Ce dont nous (ne) parlons (pas) quand nous parlons de terrorisme

    Par Rémi Brulin, MondoWeiss (USA) 7 mai 2018 traduit de l’anglais par Djazaïri

    (...) En effet, de 1979 à 1983, soit précisément la période située entre les conférences de Jérusalem et de Washington, de très hauts responsables israéliens ont mené une vaste campagne d’attentats à la voiture piégée qui a tué des centaines de Palestiniens et de Libanais, pour la plupart civils. En fait, au moment où sa tribune libre était publiée dans le New York Times, Sharon dirigeait personnellement cette opération « terroriste » depuis une année entière. Fait encore plus remarquable, l’un des objectifs de cette opération secrète était précisément d’inciter l’OLP à recourir au « terrorisme » afin de fournir à Israël une justification pour envahir le Liban.

    Ces assertions ne sont pas le produit d’un esprit enfiévré et conspirationniste. Une description détaillée de cette opération secrète par Ronen Bergman, un journaliste israélien très respecté, a été publiée par le New York Times Magazine le 23 janvier 2018. Cet article a été adapté de Rise and Kill First : L’histoire secrète des assassinats ciblés d’Israël, où est fourni un compte rendu beaucoup plus détaillé de l’opération, entièrement basé sur des entretiens avec des responsables israéliens impliqués ou au courant de l’opération à l’époque.

    Comme l’explique Richard Jackson dans « Writing the War on Terrorism » (Écrire la guerre contre le terrorisme), un discours politique est une façon de parler qui cherche à donner un sens aux événements et aux expériences à partir d’un point de vue particulier. Analyser le discours sur le « terrorisme », affirme Jackson, implique « l’identification des règles guidant ce qui peut et ne peut pas être dit et de découvrir ce qui a été omis ainsi que ce qui a été inclus. » « Les silences d’un texte » ajoute-t-il « sont souvent aussi importants que ce qu’il dit. »

    L’opération secrète d’attentats à la voiture piégée menée par les autorités israéliennes au Liban au début des années 1980 représente un exemple historique remarquable de tels « silences » et des « règles » qui sous-tendent le discours sur le « terrorisme » et confirme que certaines choses ne peuvent tout simplement pas être dites. « Certains faits ne sont tout simplement jamais mentionnés .Rise and Kill First a reçu des éloges de la part de la critique dans la presse américaine. Au cours des trois derniers mois, son auteur a participé à d’innombrables interviews avec les médias et a donné des conférences publiques très remarquées dans tout le pays. Et pourtant, dans ces revues critiques, ces entretiens et ces discussions publiques, cette opération secrète n’a pas été mentionnée une seule fois. En fait, la discussion publique qui a entouré la publication de Rise and Kill First a eu lieu comme si les révélations contenues dans ce livre n’avaient jamais été publiées.

    Notre » opposition au « terrorisme » se base sur des principes et est absolue. « Nous » par définition ne recourons pas au « terrorisme ». Si et quand une preuve du contraire est présentée, la réaction est : le silence. (...)

    traduction française de l’article cité par @nidal : https://seenthis.net/messages/692409

    https://seenthis.net/messages/695020 via Loutre

  • Israel, a state unencumbered by democracy

    The Knesset presidium has excised the principle of equality from the definition of democracy. Instead of dealing with the Balad party’s vision, they have chosen to kill the messenger.

    Haneen Zoabi member of the Parliament
    Jun 18, 2018 1:01 AM


    In a rare move, the Knesset presidium last week refused Balad’s request to bring the party’s proposal for a Basic Law: Israel as a State of All Its Citizens before the Knesset for discussion and a vote in the plenum. The proposal reflects the party’s values, vision and platform. In a democratic country, the vision of “a state of all its citizens” should have been an existing reality that is taken for granted because it is one of the core principles of a democracy.
    A democracy does not exist without equality among its citizens and if there does exist a certain deviation from this, then the principle of equality should be what directs it. That is, any deviation from equality should be done for purposes of “compensating” some weakened group (and not to grant privileges to the strong group), the aim of which is to enable that weakened group to achieve fundamental equality with the others.
    A selective democracy is not a democracy. The granting of privileges to a strong group does not accord at all with the democratic principle. An egalitarian state is supposed to grant its citizens rights at the individual and collective levels in an equal way and therefore it cannot be identified with a specific national group.
    However, the Knesset presidium believed otherwise. It excised the principle of equality from the fundamental definition of democracy and reduced it to the individual plane only. (What else is left?) However, when the state expropriates lands from us, the Palestinians, to benefit the Jews, or when it damages our national rights – does this not damage us as “individuals”? Is it possible for an individual to exist when cut off from his historical affiliation, identity or culture?
    The difficulty with dealing with Balad’s vision has always been a key characteristic of the relations between the party and most of the elements in the political arena. The repeated attempts to prevent the party from participating in elections and the campaign to delegitimize its Knesset members reflect the difficulty the state and its political elite have in dealing with its messages. Instead, they have chosen to kill the messenger.
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    Second shoe drops
    And if the stupidity of denying a discussion of the proposal for the law were not enough – it has been barred from public discourse because of the excess of democracy inherent in it – less than two weeks after its rejection came the draft law on party funding proposed by Likud MK Yoav Kish. This bill limits the number of parties that can receive funding in a union of parties such as the Joint List. The aim of the law, as explicitly stated, is to eject Balad, which has been defined as its most “extreme” element, from the Joint List.
    If we are “extreme” from a nationalist perspective, go ahead and rein us in by means of the vision of equal citizenship we proposed to you two weeks ago. But no, it turns out that accusing us of “extremism” is only an excuse. The truth is that we are “extreme” because we are not even granted any partial, distorted or demagogic definition of democracy, and because of our insistence on realizing a democratic vision, even when it collides head-on with the privileged status of the dominant group.

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  • New Amnesty leader calls BDS a tested «tool of resistance» | The Electronic Intifada

    It will be interesting to see if Naidoo pushes Amnesty to take stronger positions on holding Israel accountable.

    “Excessive force”
    Last week, Amnesty urged Israel to avoid “excessive force” against Palestinians taking part in Great March of Return rallies in the occupied Gaza Strip.

    Israel has killed dozens and injured thousands of unarmed protesters since 30 March.

    “The Israeli authorities must respect the Palestinians’ right to peaceful protest and, in the event that there is violence, use only the force necessary to address it,” the group’s Magdalena Mughrabi stated. “Under international law, lethal force can only be used when unavoidable to protect against imminent threats to life.”

    Amnesty relies on international law to defend Israel’s “right” to violence against an occupied people.

    But while encouraging Israel to use less force against Palestinians, Amnesty acknowledges no Palestinian right to self-defense or resistance to occupation, only the right to “peaceful protest.”

    Regardless of the intention, this effectively privileges and endorses Israeli violence – a perverse position for a human rights organization in the overall context of Israel’s regime of military occupation, settler-colonialism and apartheid over Palestinians.

    Yet the Palestinian right to self-defense and resistance – should Palestinians choose to exercise it – is clearly recognized by international law, if not by Amnesty International.

    #droits_humains #contadictions

    https://seenthis.net/messages/702607 via Kassem

  • Très bon texte de ce blog de critique d’art sur le site du Monde :

    « Saison France Israël »
    Lunettes Rouges, Le Monde, le 4 juin 2018

    Sous couvert d’événements culturels, cette « Saison » est une manifestation de propagande de la part du gouvernement de l’état d’Israël, tentant par tous les moyens (« greenwashing » écologique, « pinkwashing » homophile, « techwashing » de la « start-up nation », etc.) de faire oublier sa nature violente, belliqueuse et coloniale, et espérant que quelques manifestations culturelles effaceront dans l’esprit des Français l’évidence que ce gouvernement d’extrême-droite refuse toute solution autre que la colonisation. Au lendemain des tueries de Gaza, l’inauguration de cette « Saison » est une infâmie dont se rendent coupables nos gouvernants, les institutions culturelles et les artistes qui y participent.

    J’invite tous les critiques d’art à refuser d’écrire sur ces manifestations. Et s’ils sont contraints de le faire, qu’au moins ils remettent cette « Saison » dans son contexte, celui d’un effort de propagande visant à dissimuler des crimes.

    Au passage, je découvre son démontage passionnant de Robert Capa ici :

    Robert Capa au service des mythes fondateurs de l’état d’Israël
    Lunettes Rouges, Le Monde, le 13 octobre 2015

    Premier mythe : Israël est un défenseur de la civilisation (occidentale, bien sûr), les Arabes sont des attaquants non civilisés. Cette fiction néo-colonialiste est bien connue et toujours active. Dans les photographies de Capa, il n’y a pratiquement pas d’Arabes (ils représentaient quand même la majorité de la population), les rares spécimens (seuls quatre identifiés apparemment) montrés sont défaits, prisonniers, blessés, vus de loin, stéréotypés. Les seuls Arabes qui, photographiquement, sont traités comme les Juifs (portraits « nobles ») sont des Druzes de Galilée, lesquels se battaient aux côtés des Juifs. Aucun village arabe détruit ou vidé de ses habitants n’est photographié, aucune victime des massacres ou des viols n’est visible, aucun signe de l’épuration ethnique en cours n’est présent.

    #Palestine #Saison_France_Israël #Boycott_Culturel #BDS #Robert_Capa #Photographie #Histoire #Falsification #Mythologie

    https://seenthis.net/messages/699822 via Dror@sinehebdo

  • Israel adopts abandoned Saudi sectarian logic - Modern Diplomacy


    Amid ever closer cooperation with Saudi Arabia, Israel’s military appears to be adopting the kind of sectarian anti-Shiite rhetoric that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is abandoning as part of a bid to develop a national rather than a religious ethos and promote his yet to be defined form of moderate Islam.

    The Israeli rhetoric in Arabic-language video clips that target a broad audience across the Middle East and North Africa emerged against the backdrop of a growing influence of conservative religious conscripts and officers in all branches of the Israeli armed forces.

    The clips featuring army spokesman Major Avichay Adraee were also designed to undermine support for Hamas, the Islamist group that controls the Gaza Strip and backed recent mass anti-Israeli protests along the border with Israel, in advance of a visit to the Middle East by US peace negotiators Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt.

    The visit could determine when US President Donald J. Trump publishes his long-awaited ‘art of the deal’ proposal for a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that despite Israeli and tacit Saudi and United Arab Emirates backing is likely to be rejected by the Palestinians as well as those Arab states that have so far refused to tow the Saudi line.

    Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, in tacit cooperation with the Palestine Authority on the West Bank, have adopted a carrot-and-stick approach in an as yet failed bid to weaken Hamas’ control of Gaza in advance of the announcement of Mr. Trump’s plan.

    Citing a saying of the Prophet Mohammed, Major Adraee, painting Hamas as an Iranian stooge, asserted that “whoever acts like a people is one of them… You (Hamas) have officially become Shiites in line with the Prophet’s saying… Have you not read the works of the classical jurists, scholars…who have clearly warned you about the threat Iranian Shiism poses to you and your peoples?”

    In a twist of irony, Major Adraee quoted the very scholars Prince Mohammed appears to be downplaying. They include 18th century preacher Mohammed ibn Abdul Wahhab, whose ultra-conservative anti-Shiite interpretation of Islam shaped Saudi Arabia for much of its history; Taqi ad-Din Ahmad ibn Taymiyyah, a 14th century theologist and jurist, whose worldview, like that of Wahhabism, inspires militant Islam; and Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the Egyptian-born, Qatar-based scholar, who was designated a terrorist by Saudi Arabia and the UAE because he is believed to be the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    https://seenthis.net/messages/702462 via Nouvelles d’Orient

  • Egypt : Government hikes fuel prices by up to 66.7% | MadaMasr

    The government raised fuel prices at 9 am on Saturday morning by as much as 66.67 percent, according to Saturday’s edition of the Official Gazette. The move comes as part of the 2016 structural readjustment program agreed on with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and amid rising international oil prices.

    Among the hikes introduced on Saturday morning, the second largest increases were levied on diesel and 80 octane fuel prices, which are used in microbuses and trucks. This will have a pronounced impact on low-income groups and overall inflation levels.

    The greatest increase comes with the rise in prices of LPG cylinders used in households and some commercial outlets as an alternative to gas. The price of 95 octane and 92 octane fuel — used by private car owners — saw the lowest increase.

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  • Israeli plan to jail anyone filming soldiers in the West Bank hits legal wall
    Attorney general says new legislation that outlaws documenting soldiers is unconstitutional; government to vote on bill anyway

    Jonathan LisSendSend me email alerts
    Jun 17, 2018 12:51 PM


    The present version of the proposed law to ban the filming of Israeli soldiers carrying out their duties is problematic from a constitutional standpoint, so much so that it may not be able to be enacted into law, said Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit.
    The bill will be brought on Sunday for approval of the Ministerial Committee for Legislation, which would give it official government backing.
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    The committee is expected to approve the bill in its present form, after which it will go to the full Knesset for its preliminary vote. The bill is expected to pass this reading too.
    But a senior politician in the government coalition told Haaretz that an agreement has been reached with MK Robert Ilatov (Yisrael Beitenu), the sponsor of the bill, that after the bill passes its preliminary vote in the Knesset, it will be changed significantly in committee. The new version will ban interfering with IDF soldiers carrying out their duties and not a full ban on filming and documentation, a change that could pass constitutional muster.

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  • Killing a child is ’not right’, but not wrong enough for an indictment -

    Israeli prosecutors concluded that the two soldiers acted properly when they shot and killed an unarmed teenager 10 meters away as he ran away from them

    Gideon LevySendSend me email alerts
    Jun 14, 2018


    A.G. and A.D. presumably celebrated. Maybe they raised a toast with their lawyers at some fashionable pub, or perhaps they just basked in the good news with their families. It was the relief of their lives. The poor souls’ nightmare is over. How they harassed them when the teenager was killed, but all’s well that ends well: The central district prosecution decided last week to withdraw the indictment against them, two-and-a-half years after it was filed.
    True, it was sickeningly ridiculous that they were charged with “an act of haste and negligence” for shooting an unarmed, already wounded teenager in the back as he was running or his life. Still, it was an indictment, which itself was only filed after the deceased’s family and B’Tselem petitioned the High Court of Justice.
    For a moment it seemed as if the two would be given a suspended sentence of maybe a day, or even a one-penny fine for killing a boy who had not yet turned 16, even though he didn’t pose any danger or threat to them. But even this faint hope for a remnant of delayed and symbolic justice – for even the faintest likeness of justice – was dashed, and what could be more predictable than that?
    The indictment was withdrawn. A.G. and A.D. acted properly when they shot an unarmed teenager from a range of 10 meters as he ran from them. They violated nothing. Their act of killing wasn’t even hasty or negligent. They are good soldiers, excellent ones, even though the day after the killing a senior officer said, “Something that wasn’t right happened there.” Not right, but apparently not wrong enough. So go ahead, dear soldiers; continue to kill Palestinian teenagers who don’t endanger you. You can even kill them as they run away, because no harm will come to you.
    A.G. and A.D. were a platoon commander and a soldier from the 71st Battalion of the Armored Corps. They shot from behind and killed Samir Awad, who tried to cross the fence that constricts his village, as he ran from an ambush the soldiers had set up in the prickly-pear bushes. They shot him in the back and will never be punished for their act. They shot him in the leg first, and after he fell wounded and got back on his feet they managed to grab him by the arm, but he got away from them. Then they shot him twice from behind, a bullet to the back of his neck and a bullet in his back, killing him. So now they can calmly fly off to India or Costa Rica for their post-army trip – perhaps they’ve already done so – and forget everything. But the home of the boy they killed in Budrus will never be the same again.

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  • Ce n’est pas la première fois, mais c’est toujours aussi scandaleux :

    Israël arrête un groupe de musique palestinien pour « création de sons qui incitent à la résistance »
    MEMO, le 12 juin 2018

    #Palestine #Resistance #Musique #Musique_et_politique #censure #criminalisation #BDS #Boycott_culturel

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  • Un député israélien proclame la suprématie de la « race juive » | The Times of Israël

    Miki Zohar, affilié au Likud, affirme que les Juifs, étant « les plus intelligents au monde », savent que Netanyhau n’est pas corrompu



    Un député du parti au pouvoir du Likud a déclaré mercredi que « la race juive » était la plus intelligente au monde et possédait le « plus grand capital humain », et c’est pour cela, a-t-il dit, que le public israélien ne se laisse pas berner par les accusations portées contre le Premier ministre Benjamin Netanyahu.

    Miki Zohar a tenu ces propos durant un débat à la radio avec le journaliste Dan Margalit, au sujet des enquêtes pour corruption, dans lesquelles Netanyahu est suspect, ou au sujet desquelles il a été interrogé.

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    Ses affirmations ont déclenché une querelle avec le député de la Liste arabe unie Ahmad Tibi, qui a fait remarquer que les nazis traitaient les Juifs comme une race pendant la Shoah.

    Selon un récent sondage d’opinion, Netanyahu bénéficie d’un soutien important, en dépit du fait qu’il soit suspect dans trois enquêtes pour corruption, a déclaré Zohar, ajoutant que la focalisation des médias sur les enquêtes n’a pas permis de convaincre le public israélien que Netanyahu est inapte à gouverner.

    « Je peux vous dire quelque chose de fondamental », a dit Zohar durant un débat sur la station 103FM.

    « Vous ne pouvez pas berner les Juifs, quoi qu’en disent les médias. Le public israélien est un public qui appartient à la race juive, et l’ensemble de la race juive a le plus haut capital humain, le plus intelligent, le plus apte à comprendre. Le public sait ce que le Premier ministre fait pour le pays, et qu’il excelle dans ses fonctions. »

    Tibi a répondu en publiant sur Twitter une photo de Zohar avec le message : « Un élu officiel dans ‘l’état juif’ présente : la théorie de la race ».

    Tibi, dont le parti et ses membres ont déjà suscité la colère de ses confrères juifs, pour son soutien ouvert à la cause palestinienne, a ensuite publié une photo de lui en train de lire Requiem allemand, un livre d’Amos Elon qui se penche sur les effets de la Shoah sur le judaïsme allemand.

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  • Dans les archives 2008

    Les héritiers de Marek Edelman solidaires du peuple palestinien


    Le 2 mai 2008, « les filles et fils de Marek Edelman... » publiaient un communiqué sur l’anniversaire de la révolte du ghetto de Varsovie et la solidarité aujourd’hui avec les Palestiniens.

    « Les filles et fils de Marek Edelman... et d’Henri Curiel, Schmerke Kaczerginski, Lucien David Fayman, Jacov Stambul, Dvoira Vainberg… »

    « A 65 ans du soulèvement du Ghetto de Varsovie, nous rendons hommage a tous ceux, modestes héros et héroïnes, qui ont engagé leur vie dans une bataille face à l’armée d’un pouvoir qui contrôlait presque toute l’Europe. Face à l’oppression, il y a toujours résistance : contre le nazisme en France, à Vilnius, en Allemagne même et, des années après, en Egypte et en Algérie contre le pouvoir colonial aussi bien qu’en Afrique du Sud contre l’apartheid. »

    « Il en est de même aujourd’hui : les masques changent mais c’est toujours le même combat. Nous, filles et fils de résistants au nazisme, affirmons notre soutien a la résistance palestinienne, car le pouvoir sioniste en Israël, a usurpé notre nom collectif (juifs), pour en notre nom disent-ils, mener une politique de répression coloniale féroce et d’apartheid. »

    « L’hommage à nos parents, martyrs ou survivants, est à l’unisson de l’hommage aux résistants du peuple palestinien dont les droits fondamentaux, humains et nationaux sont bafoués, jour après jour depuis 60 ans. »

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  • Erdoğan’s Persistent Popularity - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

    On the eve of early parliamentary and presidential elections on June 24, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan appears poised to claim yet another victory, with enduring popularity even beyond Turkey’s borders. What is more surprising is that Erdoğan managed to sustain his appeal in the face of Turkey’s growing authoritarianism and rapidly deteriorating human rights record.

    A recent survey sheds some empirical light on the various dynamics that underlie Erdoğan’s regional popularity, with notable implications for the relationship between religion and politics.1 The survey data show Erdoğan’s popularity is particularly strong among some segments of the population. Respondents who ideologically self-identified as Islamist, favored a prominent role for religious leaders in politics, and considered religion to be important in their lives trusted Erdoğan the most as an authority on religious matters. By contrast, respondents with a college education or who had a monthly income over $1,000 were less likely to trust Erdoğan.

    https://seenthis.net/messages/702044 via Nouvelles d’Orient

  • Egypte, Palestine, Gaza
    At the terminal: Stories from the Rafah Border Crossing

    | MadaMasr

    It has been one month since the Rafah Border Crossing was opened, marking the longest window in which Gazans have been permitted to leave and reenter the besieged Gaza Strip since 2013.

    What was initially purported to be a four-day opening was extended on May 17, when President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi announced that travel across the Egypt-Gaza border would be permitted throughout the month of Ramadan.

    From Gaza to the outside world
    Mada Masr spoke to several travelers waiting at the on the Palestinian side of the crossing.

    Zuheir al-Qashash, 44, was there with his family, which includes four children. “I sold my apartment, man,” he says. “I registered my entire family for crossing, and we are going to live with my mother in Egypt. To live in Gaza is to die slowly. I will not have my children [continue to] suffer through what we have been experiencing for the past 10 years.”

    Qashash tells Mada Masr that he paid nearly US$7,000 for registration and “coordination in order to cross through Rafah.”

    “It’s a big gamble,” he says. “But the biggest gamble of all is to patiently wait in Gaza, in hopes that the conditions will improve.”

    To travel across the Rafah crossing, Palestinians must board special busses and pay large sums of money to register through travel agencies in Gaza. These agencies then submit applications to officers on the Egyptian side, according to several people who attempted the trip. Once officials in Palestine receive a select list of names approved by the Egyptians, they notify those selected to prepare to cross. The list, however, is always handwritten and never bears the official mark of Egypt’s Interior Ministry or any other government agency.

    Palestinians have left the Gaza Strip in increasing numbers since the 2014 war with Israel. It is not unusual for entire families to leave at the same time, according to copies of the lists of travelers obtained by Mada Masr. Some of these families have since relocated to Europe.

    The sight of entire families waiting at the Palestinian terminal for their passage to be approved has become increasingly common, following Sisi’s Ramadan announcement.

    https://seenthis.net/messages/701970 via Nouvelles d’Orient