• Israel is the terrorist

    Young Palestinians are not carrying out acts of terror- they are leading a desperate struggle against an army that is a thousand times stronger than they

    Ilana Hammerman Apr 05, 2018


    About a week ago, on the highway between Hermesh and Mevo Dotan, two soldiers were killed and two were injured by a car that was driven by a resident of Barta’a. There are not many Israelis who know where these settlements are located and in what kind of reality they exist. But the vast majority probably have no doubt who was the terrorist here, and who, the innocent victim, and they hope for the fulfillment of the vow made by President Reuven Rivlin, who declared after the incident: “We will not rest until we bring all the collaborators to justice; we will not allow terrorism to become a reality.”
    The problem is that terror has long since become the reality, and the entity that has allowed and is allowing this to happen is the State of Israel. Look at the map and find Barta’a, and maybe you’d even be interested in going there and seeing and hearing how its residents live and what their surroundings are like. I happened to do so a few days before the car-ramming incident, and it was completely clear to me – and not for the first time – that this reality is a product of the ongoing policy of terror pursued by generations of Israeli governments, and that it is this policy that gives rise to the acts of resistance against it.
    What’s amazing is only that there aren’t more such acts, because it’s really and truly an intolerable situation. Barta’a al-Sharqiya is located east of Wadi Ara, between the Green Line and the separation barrier. In that location the fence makes a major detour into the West Bank in order to include in Israeli territory four settlements with names as fresh and pleasant as the fruit of the field and its fragrances: Shaked (Almond), Reihan (Basil), Hinanit (Daisy) and Tal Menashe (Dew of Menashe).
    Within this enclave there are also four Arab villages, the largest of which is Barta’a al-Sharqiya. This entire enclave, with its fences, checkpoints and military forces, exists and thrives only for the benefit of the settlers who settled in it and next to it. The people who have been living for ages in the Arab villages in this part of the country suddenly found themselves penned in and subject to a diabolical maze of orders and regulations: They are not allowed to enter Israel to the west, while to the east, in the West Bank– their natural living space – two checkpoints were set up for them, via which they must leave and enter during opening hours and with the permission and good graces of the soldiers and private security guards posted there.
    A few are also allowed to bring food and merchandise in their cars via the checkpoints, with restrictions. Palestinians who live outside the enclave – who are members of the same nation as those living within it, and often their relatives – are not permitted to enter unless they have “special permits.”
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    Farmers from outside the enclave found themselves cut off from their land, and they too must request special permits and must enter and leave through special gates and at predetermined opening hours, in order to cultivate their fields. The settlements of Hermesh and Mevo Dotan are also situated in the area of the West Bank, but outside the enclave. The point is that every such settlement that is built In the West Bank – in which not a single dunam belongs to the State of Israel – disrupts the lives of the Palestinian villages in the area in ways that a free citizen would find difficult even to imagine.

    That’s the reality there, and it’s one of state-sponsored terror, the State of Israel. Because what is land confiscation on a huge scale, what are restrictions on freedom of movement, and with it freedom of employment and commerce, home demolitions, the imposition of curfews and closures, the building of innumerable fences and walls and the deployment of military forces armed to the teeth, in the heart of a Palestinian civilian population, in order to protect an Israeli civilian population that settled among it by force – what are all these if not terror, in other words, a war against unarmed citizens?
    And so, in this situation a young Palestinian girl stands in the back yard of her home in Nabi Saleh and slaps an Israeli soldier who was sent to her village only in order to guard the settlement of Halamish, which also thuggishly stuck itself deep inside the area of the West Bank; and in this situation two young women arrive at the checkpoint in the heart of Hebron, each one separately, with a knife in their hand or their bag, and the armed soldiers – who are there in order to protect a violent Jewish settlement, which expelled tens of thousands of Palestinian civilians and incessantly abuses those who survived – shoot them dead.
    And in this situation demonstrators emerge in the heart of the cities of Jericho, Bethlehem or the outskirts of the village of Beit Ummar, carrying stones and tires for burning and incendiary devices, to confront soldiers armed with machine guns and stun and gas grenades, who invade their communities and their homes day and night and injure and kill those who resist them and flee from them; and in this situation a young man comes from Barta’a and runs over and kills and injures soldiers – who are posted there only to protect the settlements that were generously built north and south of his village, and because of which the crowded village is doomed to economic and human strangulation.
    What are the acts of these young people? Terror? No, this is a desperate struggle by groups and individuals, who from the day they were born have nothing to hope for, against an army that is a thousand times stronger than they. And what is this army defending: The security of its country? No, it is defending the choice of Israeli governments to use terror to impose the “state of the Jewish people” on the entire region between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River.
    I would like to make these things clear out of a belief in the power of words to shape consciousness. And sometimes political involvement as well.

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  • Après Paypal, c’est Youtube qui s’y met :

    YouTube censure la critique contre Israël
    Pour la Palestine, le 6 avril

    Blumenthal a déclaré que ses commentaires étaient “motivés par une forte opposition à la discrimination systémique israélienne contre les Palestiniens” et son “attachement à l’égalité des droits pour tous”. Il a qualifié la décision de YouTube de “politique et probablement sous la pression de puissants intérêts pro-Israël ».

    Entre chasse aux fausses fake news et aux faux antisémites, la liberté d’expression est bien encadrée...

    #Palestine #Youtube #censure #liberté_d'expression #criminalisation_des_militants

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  • Pourquoi le Prince héritier d’Arabie saoudite diabolise les Frères musulmans ? Par Al-Quds Al-Arabi - Actuarabe

    Mohammed Ben Salman veut tout simplement masquer le soutien apporté par le Royaume d’Arabie saoudite à l’extrémisme dans le monde et faire porter le chapeau aux Frères musulmans, qui ont incarné dans les années 60 et 70, après avoir fuit les persécutions des régimes militaires en Egypte, en Syrie et ailleurs, l’instruction et la modération. Ils ont ainsi contrebalancé l’extrémisme salafiste des religieux saoudiens, dont les chefs de la police religieuse sont une incarnation.

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  • Statement of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Fatou Bensouda, regarding the worsening situation in Gaza


    It is with grave concern that I note the violence and deteriorating situation in the Gaza Strip in the context of recent mass demonstrations. Since 30 March 2018, at least 27 Palestinians have been reportedly killed by the Israeli Defence Forces, with over a thousand more injured, many, as a result of shootings using live ammunition and rubber-bullets. Violence against civilians - in a situation such as the one prevailing in Gaza – could constitute crimes under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court ("ICC" or “the Court”), as could the use of civilian presence for the purpose of shielding military activities.

    I remind all parties that the situation in Palestine is under preliminary examination by my Office. While a preliminary examination is not an investigation, any new alleged crime committed in the context of the situation in Palestine may be subjected to my Office’s scrutiny. This applies to the events of the past weeks and to any future incident.

    I am aware that the demonstrations in the Gaza Strip are planned to continue further. My Office will continue to closely watch the situation and will record any instance of incitement or resort to unlawful force. I urge all those concerned to refrain from further escalating this tragic situation.

    Any person who incites or engages in acts of violence including by ordering, requesting, encouraging or contributing in any other manner to the commission of crimes within ICC’s jurisdiction is liable to prosecution before the Court, with full respect for the principle of complementarity. The resort to violence must stop.

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  • As Saudi prince arrives, ties with France more complex than before


    But analysts note the 32-year-old Prince Mohammed has emphasized closer ties with U.S. President Donald Trump just at a time when Macron has in turn sought to improve relations with Iran and vowed to preserve the nuclear deal.

    Several Western and Arab diplomats describe the November exchange as tense. According to three officials, the meeting was dominated by Prince Mohammed threatening to curb relations with France if Macron did not alter his desire to dialogue with Iran, Riyadh’s regional rival, and push business interests there.

    Macron, the officials said, reminded Prince Mohammed of France’s position in the world as a nuclear power, permanent member of the Security Council member and that France was free to do what it wanted.

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  • RSF demande une enquête indépendante après la mort du journaliste palestinien Yaser Murtaja touché par un tir de Tsahal
    RSF | 7 avril 2018

    Reporters sans frontières (RSF) dénonce avec la plus grande fermeté l’usage disproportionné de la force par l’armée israélienne qui a conduit à la mort du journaliste palestinien Yaser Murtaja, alors qu’il couvrait les manifestations à Gaza, le 6 avril. RSF réclame une enquête indépendante. (...)

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  • Gaza, un communiqué du ministère des affaires étrangères français, un tout petit peu plus ferme que le précédent. Mais encore loin du compte : l’armée israélienne tue de manière délibérée des manifestants non armés !

    Paris, le 7 avril 2018


    Situation dans la bande de Gaza

    La répression des manifestations dans la bande de Gaza a une nouvelle fois causé la mort de neuf personnes et fait plusieurs centaines de blessés. La France réitère sa réprobation des tirs indiscriminés de l’armée israélienne. Toute la lumière doit être faite sur ces graves événements.

    La France demande aux autorités concernées de faire preuve de la plus grande retenue et souligne que l’usage de la force doit être proportionné, conformément au droit international humanitaire, afin d’éviter de nouvelles victimes.

    Seule une levée des restrictions imposées à Gaza, avec les garanties de sécurité nécessaires pour Israël, permettra de répondre à la crise humanitaire et de prévenir l’escalade des tensions.

    Au-delà, la France reste convaincue qu’il ne peut être mis fin à la violence que par la reprise d’un véritable dialogue en vue de mettre enfin en œuvre une solution politique permettant à deux Etats, Israël et la Palestine, de vivre côte à côte en paix et en sécurité.

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  • When Terrorists and Criminals Govern Better Than Governments - The Atlantic

    Une vison iconoclaste


    The Taliban claims to adhere to a strict interpretation of Islamic law, but that didn’t stop them from learning to love the poppy. The Islamic State developed an unforgiving set of laws to govern its caliphate, even as it engaged in widespread smuggling of antiquities and the synthetic drug Captagon. The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (the farc) were once puritanically anti-drugs but turned wholeheartedly to supporting the cocaine economy following their Eighth Party Congress in 1982. This isn’t necessarily surprising. Despite initial protestations, militant groups often engage in criminal operations—drugs, trafficking, and smuggling—to fund their activities.

    But crime is not their primary calling—they also seek to govern. These groups may be evil but they can also be rational, calculating, and sometimes surprisingly effective, outperforming existing governments. Yet this fundamental point is often lost on policymakers.

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  • Renaissance Dam discussions in Sudan expected to produce shared initial understanding | MadaMasr


    Diplomatic sources close to arrangements for the tripartite meetings on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) that began on Wednesday in Khartoum say the portfolio of understanding that is expected to come out of the talks includes directions such as a partial reservoir filling of the dam by Ethiopia, Egypt’s resort to national water reserves and guarantees granted to Sudan for its development projects.

    The diplomatic sources, who spoke to Mada Masr on condition of anonymity, say that there is “political will” on all sides for the meetings to result in positive initial understandings on the Ethiopian development project, which has strained relations between Khartoum, Addis Ababa and Cairo. 

    Attending the two-day summit are the foreign ministers, irrigation ministers and intelligence chiefs from the three countries, who will focus on the effects of completing the construction of the dam and making it operational in the second half of 2018. 

    An Egyptian source, who spoke to Mada Masr on condition of anonymity, says the talks are expected to produce three main outcomes. Firstly, Ethiopia will fill the reservoir with just enough water to allow the first two turbines to become operational in the short term (this had been a point of tension previously, as Egyptian officials were concerned that Addis Ababa had begun “early filling” of the dam). Levels of water in the reservoir would then increase incrementally, along with the rise in the number of operational electrical turbines. Secondly, Egypt would ensure it has strategic water reserves in Lake Nasser. And thirdly, Sudan would receive guarantees that its neighbors would support its agricultural projects and other developmental projects it needs to boost its economy.

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  • i24NEWS - Spokesman for Netanyahu’s Likud says all Gaza protesters ’legitimate targets’


    Spokesman for Netanyahu’s ruling Likud party tells i24NEWS all 30,000 protesters ’legitimate targets’
    A spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ruling Likud faction, Eli Hazan, told i24NEWS on Monday that all 30,000 protesters who marched on the Israeli border from the Gaza Strip on Friday were “legitimate targets”, as the Israel Defense Force’s (IDF) use of lethal force against protesters came under intense scrutiny."Anyone who tries to infiltrate our borders is a legitimate target," Hazan, Likud’s foreign affairs director, said during a debate on i24NEWS’ “The Spin Room” on Monday. “All 30,000 are legitimate targets.”

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  • Teen On Birthright Trip Hadn’t Expected To See So Many Dead Palestinians

    “It was cool to see the Western Wall, and we all got to ride camels in the desert, but we still saw a couple bodies there, too. At first you think it’s just this one-time thing and you don’t worry about it, but pretty soon, you realize they are kind of everywhere. They didn’t really mention anything about this during the orientation.” Caplan was also surprised that there were so many people her age in the Israeli Defense Forces killing Palestinians.

    (Ah la vache! Ze Onion tout de même!)

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  • Renvoi de Tillerson : un cadeau de Trump aux adversaires du Qatar, par Abdel Bari Atwan dans Rai Al Youm - Actuarabe

    Trump a maintenant à ses côtés un Ministre des Affaires étrangères croyant à la diplomatie de la guerre et qui a acquis une expérience sans précédent pour fomenter les complots en tant que directeur de la CIA. Il est considéré comme un va-t-en guerre face à l’Iran et la Corée du Nord, et aura donc beaucoup de partisans en Arabie saoudite, aux Emirats Arabes Unis, au Bahreïn et en Egypte. Il n’est pas exclu qu’il prenne la tête de l’aile demandant le transfert de la base aérienne américaine d’Al Oudeid (au Qatar) dans un de ces pays, notamment les Emirats Arabes Unis et l’Arabie saoudite. Le Président Trump soutient d’ailleurs cette mesure.

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  • How Egyptians’ attitude toward voting has changed over 7 years | MadaMasr


    Mohamed*, a 53-year-old taxi driver, roams the streets of Dokki on the second day of Egypt’s presidential election, cringing every time a pick-up truck drives by blasting songs produced especially to support current President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi as he runs for a second term in office. The excitement with which Egyptians took to polling stations after the 2011 revolution seems a distant memory to Mohamed as he weighs his options: to participate in an election he considers a farce in order to express his disapproval, or to abstain from voting and lose his chance at voicing his opinion.

    Mohamed insisted on voting even before the revolution, in former President Hosni Mubarak’s rigged elections, in hopes that change would come. However, he now struggles to find the motivation to head to the polling stations.

    “I feel that it won’t make a difference whether I vote or not,” he says.

    As the polls opened on March 26, the atmosphere in Egypt was a far cry from the festive scene apparent during the constitutional referendum of March 2011, the first vote after the 18-day revolt in January of that year that toppled Mubarak. At the time, the excitement was not about the constitutional amendments as much as it was about voters celebrating their right to finally participate in a poll they believed would make a difference.

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  • Trump, Saudi Arabia in lockstep: Give Syria up to Assad, ignore Gaza -

    Trump’s talk with the Saudi crown prince made him conclude that there’s nothing Washington can do in Syria; they also see eye to eye on the weekend’s events in Gaza and the question of Hamas’ status


    They also see eye to eye on the weekend’s events in the Gaza Strip and the question of Hamas’ status. Last Friday, the United States opposed a Kuwaiti motion in the UN Security Council to condemn Israel for the violence. Riyadh did its part by refusing Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ request that it convene an emergency Arab summit to discuss the killing of Palestinians in Gaza. The kingdom gave Abbas the cold shoulder, saying the regular Arab League summit would take place in a few weeks anyway, so no additional summit was needed.
    The disinterest Mohammed and Trump both showed in the events in Gaza, combined with their capitulation to reality in Syria, reveals a clear American-Saudi strategy by which regional conflicts will be dealt with by the parties to those conflicts, and only those with the potential to spark an international war will merit attention and perhaps intervention.
    >> Gaza carnage is a victory for Hamas – and a propaganda nightmare for Israel ■ With riots and live fire, Gaza just went 25 years back in time >>
    An example of the latter is the battle against Iran, which will continue to interest both Washington and Riyadh because they consider it of supreme international importance, not just a local threat to Israel and Saudi Arabia.
    Syria, in contrast, doesn’t interest the world, and to the degree that it poses a threat to Israel, Israel’s 2007 attack on Syria’s nuclear reactor and its ongoing military intervention in Syria show that it neither needs nor even wants other powers involved.
    >> Ten years of silence on Syria strike. Why now? ■ A turning point in Israel’s history ■ Before successful strike, Israel’s most resounding intel failure
    The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is also no longer seen as a global threat, or even a regional one. Therefore, it’s unnecessary to “waste” international or pan-Arab effort on it. If Egypt can and wants to handle the conflict from the Arab side, fine. But for now, that will be it.

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  • Ce qui est frappant dans le communiqué du ministère des affaires étrangères français c’est l’absence de condamnation claire de la répression israélienne. Imaginons un instant ce qu’aurait été cette réaction à la mort d’une quinzaine de manifestants non armés par les autorités au Venezuela, en Russie ou en Iran.

    1er avril 2018

    La France exprime sa plus vive préoccupation face aux graves incidents survenus ces derniers jours dans la bande de Gaza.

    Alors que l’on dénombre au moins 15 morts et plus de 1000 blessés depuis le début des manifestations, la France rappelle les autorités israéliennes à leur devoir de protection des civils et leur demande d’agir avec la plus grande retenue.

    La France rappelle également le droit des Palestiniens à manifester pacifiquement.

    Il est impératif qu’Israéliens et Palestiniens mettent un terme à la crise humanitaire que connait la Bande de Gaza. Cela passe notamment par la fin du blocus et la levée des mesures restrictives, ainsi que par des garanties de sécurité crédibles pour Israël.

    Au-delà, la France rappelle l’urgence d’une reprise de négociations sérieuses en vue de mettre en œuvre la solution des deux Etats, seule à même d’assurer la coexistence pacifique et la stabilité.

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    • Quand il s’agit du massacre de palestiniens, les EU et l’UE se contenteront de la même formule, ça ne change pas : « un peu de retenue ! »

  • Israeli defense official threatened owners of Gaza bus companies in days before protest


    The “working assumption” in the Israeli security establishment, Eldar writes, “Is that faced with an internal crisis, Hamas is exploiting the plight of Gaza residents to enter into conflict with Israel. Nevertheless, even with tensions in the south rising, softer voices are also emerging from Hamas.”

    Those “softer voices” include remarks by Salah al-Bardawil, a member of Hamas’ political bureau, on March 20, who said that his organization “is ready to engage in a dialogue with the US administration to achieve the aspirations of the Palestinian people in obtaining their rights, establishing a Palestinian state and lifting the siege on Gaza,” as Ahmad Abu Amer reports.

    “Al-Monitor contacted several Hamas officials, but they all refused to comment on this issue," Abu Amer adds. “They noted that Bardawil’s statements reflect the movement’s official position, but they also stressed that they were neither contacted by the US administration for dialogue nor invited to attend the donor conference held at the White House mid-March. On the contrary, Hamas criticized the conference, which it described as a US attempt to absolve Israel of Gaza’s humanitarian and economic problems caused by the Israeli blockade imposed on Gaza since 2007.”

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  • J’ignorais que Tardi faisait des dessins militants : article d’août 2015 : Jacques Tardi Mon indignation | L’Humanité


    C’est mon indignation totale qui a motivé ce dessin. Un an après les massacres à Gaza, il faudrait que l’on fasse la fête sur les berges de la Seine. C’est de la provocation. C’est presque une insulte. C’est complètement obscène et irresponsable de la part de la Mairie de Paris. Il y a eu plus de 2 000 morts, et on fait comme si de rien n’était, comme si on voulait effacer les crimes de guerre. Cette commémoration festive des tueries est monstrueuse. On parle de culture, mais ce qu’il y a de culturel à Paris Plages, c’est surtout des recettes de cuisine et des raquettes… Tel-Aviv, ville de la tolérance ? Oui, au sens où elle tolère bien l’apartheid et l’occupation de la Palestine, même si je sais qu’il y a des Israéliens contre la colonisation. Quand au procès en antisémitisme, ça ne marche plus : on a le droit de s’exprimer sur la politique d’un état qui viole chaque jour le droit international. Ces accusations m’indiffèrent. Ce n’est pas le sujet.

    En rebond au dessin « On bosse ici, on vit ici, on reste ici » signalé ici :

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  • » Saudi Prince Meets with AIPAC, anti-BDS Leaders during US Visit– IMEMC News | April 1, 2018 8:17 PM IMEMC News & Agencies

    Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, has met with leaders from a number of right-wing Jewish organizations during his tour of the United States.

    The groups, which have donated millions to illegal settlement building and the fight against BDS (the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement, include officials from AIPAC, Stand Up for Israel (ADL) and the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA).

    Haaretz reported that, according to a leaked copy of his itinerary, Bin Salman also met with leaders from the Conference of Presidents, B’nai B’rith and the American Jewish Committee (AJC).

    AIPAC, ADL and the JFNA have long targeted BDS, a non-violent movement that seeks to economically pressure Israel into providing equal rights and a right of return to Palestinians.

    Some of the pro-Israel US groups have spent millions in lobbying for the Combating BDS Act, a bill that seeks to stifle BDS. (...)

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  • The Israel Massacre Forces
    Gideon Levy Apr 01, 2018 11:17 AM

    The killing of Palestinians is accepted in Israel more lightly than the killing of mosquitoes. There’s nothing cheaper in Israel than Palestinian blood. If there were a hundred or even a thousand deaths Israel would still “salute” the IDF. This is the army whose commander, the good and moderate Gadi Eisenkot, is received with such pride by Israelis. Of course, in the holiday media interviews, no one asked him about the anticipated massacre and no one will ask him now either.

    But an army that prides itself on shooting a farmer on his land, showing the video on its website in order to intimidate Gazans; an army that pits tanks against civilians and boasts of one hundred snipers waiting for the demonstrators is an army that has lost all restraint. As if there weren’t other measures. As if the IDF had the authority or right to prevent demonstrations in Gaza, threatening bus drivers not to transport protesters in territory where the occupation has long ended, as everyone knows.

    Despairing young men sneak in from Gaza, armed with ridiculous weapons, marching dozens of kilometers without hurting anyone, only waiting to be caught so as to escape Gaza’s poverty in an Israeli jail. This doesn’t touch anyone’s conscience either. The main thing is that the IDF proudly presents its catch. Palestinian President Mahmous Abbas is responsible for the situation in Gaza. And Hamas, of course. And Egypt. And the Arab world and the whole world. Just not Israel. It left Gaza and Israeli soldiers never commit massacres.

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  • The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب: Israel occupation army spokesperson admits war crimes


    From Eyal:
    "The IDF spokesperson tweeted the following earlier today:
    “Yesterday we saw 30,000 people; we arrived prepared and with precise reinforcements. Nothing was carried out uncontrolled; everything was accurate and measured, and we know where every bullet landed”.
    Well, they landed their bullets in or through 17 people’s bodies, plus an unknown number among the ~2,400 wounded. We also recall they accurately-and-measuredly shout a youngster fleeing from them in the back. A while later, someone at the IDF probably realized they were admitting
    war crimes, and the tweet was removed.

    (credit goes to blogger Yossi Gurwitz: and to B’tzelem for the screenshot)

    #crimes #préméditation #Israel #criminels

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  • « Bravo à FranceInfo-avec-AFP » : une manifestation tue 16 personnes à Gaza. (Du coup je me demande pourquoi ce n’est pas la « manifestation » que Netanyahou a félicitée.)

    "Bravo à nos soldats" : Benjamin Netanyahou loue l’armée après la manifestation qui a fait 16 morts à Gaza

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  • Israel’s clash with reality on Gaza -

    The clash in Gaza shows that it’s baseless to distinguish between short-term solutions such as blocking border protests and long-term solutions such as the continued closure of the enclave

    Haaretz Editorial Apr 01, 2018


    The demonstrations organized by Hamas in the Gaza Strip claimed at least 15 Palestinian lives on their first day, in a clash planned to continue for six weeks. The reason for these protests is well-known. As predicted by the army and the security agencies, the harsh conditions in which 2 million Gazans live under an Israeli closure amid a diplomatic solution nowhere in sight have prepared the ground for a mass eruption in which tens of thousands of people took part, people who’ve lost all hope for a better future.
    To really understand Israel and the Palestinians - subscribe to Haaretz
    So far the army has managed to prevent a breach of the border fence and the risk of thousands of Gazans entering Israel, but it would be misleading to picture the events in Gaza as a localized military incident where the winners and losers are measured by the number of deaths and an intact border fence.
    The arena of this campaign isn’t limited to Gaza. On the diplomatic front Israel will now have to deal with international pressure and countries, some of them friendly to Israel, and some that don’t embrace the Israeli script considering Hamas responsible for the civil uprising. The longer the confrontation on the southern border lasts, the greater the chances of East Jerusalem and the West Bank joining in. Jordan, Egypt and other Arab states are concerned that these protests might trickle into their own territory.
    The army may have prepared for every scenario but it’s not authorized to set policy or exceed the principles dictated by the government. These principles and policies have fed the Palestinian protests and are endangering Israel’s security and standing.
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    The confrontation in Gaza shows that it’s groundless to distinguish between short-term solutions such as blocking the border protests and long-term solutions that include a continued closure while waiting for a final diplomatic resolution. The short term dictates the long term and not the other way around, and now it demands the adoption of a new policy.
    The government is pleased that the U.S. administration totally agrees with it to hold the Palestinians responsible for the deadlocked peace process. But the U.S. administration doesn’t have to deal with the tens of thousands of Palestinians at the border fence, the citizens of Israel do. Still, the cabinet prefers to delude people into thinking that a few dozen Israeli snipers near the border will lift the threat.

    “The solution is not a military one,” the military chief of staff repeatedly claims, but it doesn’t seem anyone in the cabinet is listening to him. Reason demands that snipers shouldn’t be the ones to solve a deep-rooted problem, and that fighting over prestige, winners and losers shouldn’t be allowed. The events as well as the apathy shown by the Israeli government demand that Israel’s allies exert their influence to show the government the path it must follow.

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  • Razzia, un film de Nabil Ayouch
    A-t-il vraiment été tourné au Maroc ?


    La révolte populaire gronde actuellement au Maroc, le pays vit au rythme des manifestations et des répressions policières. Avec Razzia, Nabil Ayouch a l’ambition de nous aider à prendre la température de ce temps aux allures pré-révolutionnaires, et surtout de nous en expliquer les causes. Le réalisateur franco-marocain y parvient-il ?

    Nabil Ayouch a en tout cas pris soin dans Razzia de ne pas bousculer les préjugés de son public cible concernant la société marocaine : tous les clichés racistes y sont méticuleusement respectés, le Marocain y est homophobe, sexiste et antisémite à souhait.

    Dans Razzia, nous suivons le quotidien de cinq personnages, le Berbère, l’Homosexuel, l’Adolescente, le Juif et la Femme. Nabil Ayouch laisse ces personnages nous dire, du point de vue du stéréotype auquel ils sont réduits, ce qu’est la société marocaine et pourquoi elle est sous tension. Et ce qu’ils nous disent est univoque : la société marocaine est une société arriérée culturellement, intolérante vis-à-vis des minorités, et c’est pour cela qu’elle est au bord du gouffre. Les personnages de Ayouch n’existent dans son film que pour marteler cela, scène après scène. Même le personnage secondaire de la pétillante prostituée ne passe dans le film que pour y être maladivement antisémite, quittant précipitamment son client à la simple vue d’une Menorah dans la chambre.

    Et tout est lourd dans le film. Ayouch veut dire que la société marocaine est hypocrite et contradictoire ? Fastoche, l’Adolescente se charge de prier voilée devant un clip télé où des femmes dansent dénudées. Et on devine la fière satisfaction du réalisateur face à cet effet « Grosse contradiction à l’appel du muezzin ». Difficile de la louper en effet...

    Summum de la caricature raciste : le couple que forme Salima et son mari Jawad. Comme le reste dans le film, leur relation est très pauvre, réduite à un message que Ayouch veut faire passer et qui est mis en scène à chaque plan : « Voyez cette misogynie pathologique et cette jalousie maladive chez l’Arabe ». Par exemple cette scène où Salima veut passer un moment tendre avec son mari. Lui ne veut pas, ces douceurs à l’initiative de sa femme, ça l’agace. Il met donc fin à cette tendresse et la viole. Il préfère comme ça, c’est un Arabe.

    À noter que le couple parle français et boit de l’alcool. Nabil Ayouch désislamise et francise pour donner à voir l’essence profonde : l’Arabe a un gros problème dans sa tête avec les femmes. Oui les Arabes sont comme ça Madame Dupont, Musulmans ou pas, vivant au Maroc ou dans les quartiers populaires de France, c’est pareil. C’est les gènes...

    Ce qui est le plus regrettable dans le film, c’est qu’on n’y voit aucune dynamique sociale à l’œuvre. Le film est sans relief, sans profondeur. Gênant pour un film qui prétend parler de luttes et de révoltes. Les cinq personnages sont pourtant liés les uns aux autres, et le fait qu’ils se croisent est censé signifier quelque chose. On ne peut s’empêcher de penser à Une séparation de Asghar Farhadi. Mais là où Farhadi a excellé à traduire par ellipses les tensions politiques et sociales, notamment de classe, sous-tendues par les tensions entre les personnages de son film, chez Ayouch au contraire, il ne se passe rien entre les personnages, ils sont définitivement seuls, réduits à être les victimes d’une société dans laquelle ils semblent tous étrangers, rattachés à rien, ni à leur famille, ni à leurs amis, ni à leur quartier, ni à leur classe. Des personnages caricaturaux qui évoluent de manière isolée dans un Maroc caricatural.

    https://seenthis.net/messages/681866 via Nouvelles d’Orient

  • Gaza footage shows protester shot in the back while running away from Israeli border wall

    According to the committee organizing the march, the Palestinian in the video is Abed el-Fatah Abed e-Nabi, 18, and was killed as a result of the shooting ■ IDF claims Hamas distributes many videos, some of which are partial and fabricated

    Jack Khoury and Yaniv Kubovich Mar 31, 2018 12:38 PM


    A Palestinian taking part in Friday’s “March of Return” near the Gaza border was shot with his back to Israeli army soldiers while moving away from the border fence, so appears to show a video published on Palestinian media Saturday.
    According to the committee organizing the march, the Palestinian in the video is Abed el-Fatah Abed e-Nabi, 18, and was killed as a result of the shooting, which occurred east of Jabaliya in the northern Gaza strip.
    The video shows two Palestinians running away from the border towards a large group of protesters. When they are several feet away from the group, a shot is heard, and one of the Palestinians, reporedtly e-Nabi, drops to the ground. A small group gathers around to assist him. According to the committee behind the march, the video “clearly shows e-Nabi poses no threat.”
    skip - Video shown on Palestinian media
    Video shown on Palestinian media - דלג

    Israeli Defense Forces spokesperson has issued a reply, saying that Hamas distributes many vidoes, among which are those that show partial events that have been edited and fabricated.
    “IDF acted Friday against violent protests and terrorists activities which included live fire towards its soldiers, attempts to inflitrate Israel ... stone throwing, bottle boms,” read the statement. “The forces acted according to open-fire protocols and in a reasonable manner as they avoided harming civilians posted there by Hamas, who wish to embarrass Israel while risking those civilians ... anyone who partakes in violent protests puts themselves at risk.”
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    E-Nabi is one of a 15 Palestinians killed in Friday’s demonstrations, in which 758 were wounded from live fire, 148 from rubber-tipped bullets, 422 from inhaling tear gas and 88 from other causes.
    The UN Security Council convened Friday night to discuss the events on the Gaza border, despite the United States’ and Israel’s request to postpone deliberations for Saturday, due to Passover holiday eve. No Israeli envoy was present during discussions.

    In a statement released Saturday, Israel’s envoy to the UN Danny Danon said “This disgraceful abuse of the holiday will not prevent us from presenting the truth regarding Hamas’ violent protests, whose only purpose is to ignite the sector and incite provocations.”
    An Israeli Arab human rights organization condemned Israel’s action on the Gaza border as ’unlawful’ on Saturday, alerting Attorney General Avichay Mendelblit that Israel was in breach of international law.

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  • Orgies, blackmail and anti-Semitism: Inside the Islamic cult whose leader is embraced by Israeli figures

    He has a harem of scantily clad ’kittens,’ claims the U.K. ’deep state’ brought Hitler to power and is accused of sex slavery. What draws Israeli politicians and rabbis to Turkish cult leader Adnan Oktar?
    By Asaf Ronel Mar 29, 2018


    ISTANBUL – Fulya is a Turkish woman of 36. Tall, thin, with short, oxidized hair, hazel eyes, penciled eyebrows and full lips. When she enters a fancy restaurant on the European banks of the Bosporus in Istanbul’s fashionable Bebek neighborhood, almost all eyes turn to look at her. Even though Fulya (not her real name), who’s the daughter of the CEO of a large Turkish company, seems to leave a trail of stardust behind her, her work is not especially glitzy. She organizes delegations of foreign dignitaries who visit Turkey, part of the burgeoning array of nonprofit organizations doing diplomatic work under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
    Before that, Fulya was a journalistic commentator on Turkey and the Middle East, appearing both in print and on-air. She held those jobs while she was, for more than a decade, a member of a religious sex cult led by a person named Adnan Oktar. According to Fulya, for the last four years she pursued her career as a journalist even though she was a captive of the idiosyncratic cult, following a failed first attempt to escape. She’d made an appointment with a doctor in a hospital in an effort to flee, but Oktar’s people seized her as she was entering the hospital and forced her into a car. After that, she relates, she was imprisoned in a room in one of the Istanbul compounds owned by the cult, managing her career mostly via computer and under close scrutiny, and leaving the room only to take part in the cult’s activities.
    Fulya says she knew she would never escape if she remained in the cult’s central walled-in, high-surveillance compound. Accordingly, she quarreled repeatedly with Oktar, until, less than a year ago, he ordered her to be moved to another compound he owns. There, after managing to get a message out to her father, she organized a getaway. At a prearranged moment, she ran out to the yard with only her ID card and the pajamas she was wearing, got into her father’s waiting car and fled, as the cult’s staff tried to catch her.
    According to the story told by Fulya and by her partner, Sedat (also a pseudonym), who also escaped from the cult two years ago, Oktar is a combination of the type of evangelical preachers one sees on American television and the head of a sex cult that objects in principle to bringing children into the world. The cover for all this is a singular interpretation of Islam.

    https://seenthis.net/messages/681202 via Nouvelles d’Orient