• The True Scandal of 2016 Was the Torture of Chelsea Manning

    The U.S. public is now getting a taste of the way hacking, phishing, and an overwhelming dependence on fallible machines and networks can impact politics. But let’s be clear: None of the disclosures in this campaign — not one thing in any of the hacked emails or those declassified and released from Clinton’s private server — has brought to light anything of greater importance than the documents Chelsea Manning provided to WikiLeaks. She revealed war crimes, including murder and torture; exposed liars and the dirty and duplicitous dealings of the U.S. and its allies; documented a secret history of America’s longest-running war; and forced a much needed debate about the U.S. role in the world. And for that, she is being tortured.

  • The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب: French government really wants to help Arab media

    “Canal France International (CFI), the French cooperation agency and media operator of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, recently signed two substantial contracts (worth €2.7million) with the European Union to develop projects in support of independent media in the Arab world.
    The first is a two-year contract concerning a project to further the development of independent media in Syria, mainly by providing training.
    The project will receive funding of €1.5million, including €1.2million from the European Union (EU). The overall goal is to enable a new generation of Syrian journalists to produce high-quality, professional information today and to become pillars of the post-crisis media in the future.
    In April2014, CFI will open a media centre, the Syrian Media Incubator, in the Turkish city of Gaziantep, 60km from the Syrian border, to the north of Aleppo. This collective workspace aims to provide modern telecommunication tools and support Syrian journalists who are determined to continue relaying news from their country, whatever the cost.
    As a reminder, CFI already works in partnership with International Media Support (IMS) and Reporters sans frontières(RSF), and, in particular, helped in2013 to set up an independent Syrian radio station called Radio Rozana, which broadcasts from Paris and relies on a network of 30correspondents based in Syria. CFI provided several training sessions for these correspondents in2013.
    In2013, CFI carried out 21projects to train 120Syrian journalists and citizen journalists.
    The second contract signed with the EU will enable CFI, over a period of three years, to fund projects seeking to develop online information services in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon and Syria.
    These projects are to be led by private or voluntary media services in the countries concerned (newspapers, radio stations, television) or by new independent online information services (“pure play” providers), which are innovative and show strong potential for development. The beneficiaries will mainly be selected through calls for applications, the first of which will be launched in May2014. The funding distributed by CFI under this contract may be as much as €80,000per project. The scheme should provide support for around 30projects over the next three years.
    In this way, as the Arab world continues to evolve rapidly, CFI is redoubling its efforts to support the independent media that is destined to play a major part in the fragile processes of democratisation taking place.”

  • The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب: Senate tacitly endorses U.S. role in Yemen war

    “The Senate overwhelmingly agreed to proceed with arms sales to Saudi Arabia on Sept. 21, in effect casting the first vote on US participation after 18 months of war in Yemen.” "We now have a war in Yemen, and yes we are directly involved in that war," Paul said. “And yes, this is a vote not just about weapons; this is a vote about whether we should be at war in Yemen.” "

  • The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب: Zionist “whitewash protocol.”

    “Israeli and Palestinian rights organizations have challenged the credibility of Israel’s inquiries into possible military misconduct during the 2014 war in Gaza, with one group describing the internal legal process as a “facade” intended to try to stave off a war crimes investigation by the International Criminal Court.
    In a report released on Tuesday, the group, B’Tselem, a left-wing Israeli organization that focuses on allegations of rights abuses against Palestinians in Gaza and in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, characterized the military’s system of internal investigations as a “whitewash protocol.”
    “The work of the military law enforcement system does nothing more than offer the illusion that Israel is fulfilling its obligations to investigate breaches of law,” the group said.”

  • The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب: Why US gives billions in aid to Jordanian regime

    According to the Times it is for the refugee crisis: “Maintaining stability in Jordan is a top American priority in the region and the United States is providing $1.6 billion this year to help it cope with the crisis”. Excuse me but Lebanon has also accommodated 1.2 million Syrian refugee and never got anything near that figure from the US. Did you forget the payback for peace agreement with Israeli occupation state?

  • The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب: the risk to an American of being killed by a refugee in a terrorist attack is 1 in 3.64 billion

    “The Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank, published a report last week finding that, each year, the risk to an American of being killed by a refugee in a terrorist attack is 1 in 3.64 billion — a far cry from the three-in-a-bowl notion expressed in Trump’s tweet.”

  • Media Ask Which Candidate Can Better Exploit Our Irrational Fear of Terrorism http://fair.org/home/media-ask-which-candidate-can-better-exploit-our-irrational-fear-of-terrorism

    Something missing from these reports is any discussion of the relative danger of terrorism. The reporters begin with the premise that voters are afraid of it, never challenging the underlying rationality of those fears.

    The reality is that terrorism remains, objectively, a very minor threat. (One is 82 times more likely to be killed falling out of bed than by a terrorist.) But by framing the issue as an urgent danger, with two candidates “dueling” over opposing ways of addressing this menace, the media further inflate terrorism’s importance. Can one even imagine Trump and Clinton “jockeying” for position on climate change, or violence against women and LGBT communities, or lowering heart disease—all of which, statistically, are far, far more dangerous than terrorism?

    This isn’t a new problem, of course. In nine Democratic primary debates, for example, the moderators asked a total of 30 questions about terrorism or ISIS, and not one question about poverty (FAIR.org, 5/27/16). (A 2011 study by Columbia’s school of public health estimated that 4.5 percent of all deaths in the United States are attributable to poverty.)

  • « En clair, Adama Traoré a manqué d’air, ce qui aurait conduit à sa mort » https://www.mediapart.fr/journal/france/220916/l-affaire-adama-traore-devient-un-scandale-judiciaire?onglet=full

    Un décès dans de telles circonstances rend crucial le rapport d’autopsie. Quand il est correctement lu et relaté. En réalité, Adama Traoré ne souffrait ni d’une maladie cardiaque, ni même d’une « infection grave ». Mais là encore, la lecture des rapports d’autopsie par le procureur souffre, étonnamment, de l’omission concernant le « syndrome asphyxique ».

    À deux reprises donc, il n’a pas fait mention de cet élément décisif. En clair, Adama Traoré a manqué d’air, ce qui aurait conduit à sa mort. Ce qui corrobore l’idée que le jeune homme est décédé après avoir subi la technique dite du « contrôle dorsal costal » ou « décubitus ventral », interdite dans certains pays comme le Canada et épinglée à intervalles réguliers par des associations comme l’Acat, ONG chrétienne contre la torture et la peine de mort (lire ici l’intégralité de son rapport sur les violences policières).

    Le « contrôle dorsal costal », précise l’Acat, consiste à « plaquer et à maintenir une personne ventre au sol, tête tournée sur le côté. Les forces de l’ordre ajoutent parfois à cette position d’autres moyens de contention, tels que le menottage des poignets derrière le dos et l’immobilisation des chevilles (avec parfois les genoux relevés), et peuvent aller jusqu’à exercer un poids sur le dos de la personne ainsi maintenue à terre ». Une technique de maintien pouvant conduire à l’asphyxie.

  • The War Against the Assad Regime Is Not a “Pipeline War” http://www.truth-out.org/news/item/37685-the-war-against-the-assad-regime-is-not-a-pipeline-war

    If it’s not a pipeline war, why is the US intervening in Syria? The US decision to support Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia in their ill-conceived plan to overthrow the Assad regime was primarily a function of the primordial interest of the US permanent war state in its regional alliances. The three Sunni allies control US access to the key US military bases in the region, and the Pentagon, the CIA, the State Department and the Obama White House were all concerned, above all, with protecting the existing arrangements for the US military posture in the region.

    After all, those military bases are what allow the United States to play at the role of hegemonic power in the Middle East, despite the disasters that have accompanied that role. The degree to which the US determination to preserve its present military profile in the region is illustrated by the case of US-Qatar relations over that tiny monarchy’s arming of extremist Sunni groups in Syria in 2012. The Obama administration was very unhappy with Qatar’s choice of proxies in Syria, and the National Security Council discussed a proposal to pull a squadron of US fighter planes from Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar as a way of putting pressure on the government over the issue, according to a story in the Wall Street Journal.

    But the US Central Command (CENTCOM), which had moved its headquarters to Al Udeid in 2003, argued that the base was critical to its operations in the region, and that it was about to renegotiate its agreement with Qatar over the use of it. The Pentagon supported CENTCOM’s opposition to any move that would disturb relations with Qatar over the issue and vetoed any such pressure on Qatar. The administration ended up doing nothing about the issue, and in 2013, the US-Qatar Defense Cooperation Agreement originally reached in 2003 was renewed for another ten years.

    The massive, direct and immediate power interests of the US war state — not the determination to ensure that a pipeline would carry Qatar’s natural gas to Europe — drove the US policy of participation in the war against the Syrian regime. Only if activists focus on that reality will they be able to unite effectively to oppose not only the Syrian adventure but the war system itself.

  • Des femmes fortes en route pour briser le blocus de Gaza | Corse-Matin
    Par Carolie Marcelin—20 septembre 2016

    Lundi matin, sur le quai Tino-Rossi, l’équipage du voilier parti mercredi de Barcelone, se remet de son arrivée mouvementée, dimanche, dans le golfe d’Ajaccio. Tandis que le second bateau de la « Flottille de la liberté » est resté sur le quai catalan, victime d’une avarie technique, la mer démontée aura eu raison de la détermination de l’une des quinze femmes décidées à braver l’armée israélienne en atteignant ou du moins en s’approchant au plus près des côtes de Gaza.

    Leur but : briser le blocus imposé par Israël depuis dix ans à cette enclave palestinienne coincée entre l’Égypte et Israël.

    Tandis que Madeleine, la capitaine du voilier répare les circuits électriques, les femmes dont certaines ont été logées dimanche soir chez des membres de l’association Corsica Palestina, sont de retour sur le pont. Rincées et reposées, elles sont prêtes à reprendre la mer, jusqu’à Messine, en Sicile, prochaine étape du voilier sur la route à l’itinéraire volontairement imprécis menant à Gaza.

    Ces femmes ont des profils différents et ne parlent pas toutes la même langue. Mais elles ont en commun leur engagement en faveur des Palestiniens, et plus particulièrement des Palestiniennes, enfermées depuis dix ans, avec leurs enfants, dans « la prison à ciel ouvert qu’est Gaza », disent-elles.

    « Nous avons monté cette flottille pour voir quelle sera l’attitude d’Israël face à un équipage entièrement féminin, ne présentant donc clairement aucun danger », déclare Claude Léostic, la présidente de la plateforme des ONG françaises pour la Palestine.

    Assise sur une chaise au milieu du ponton, Christiane, la veuve de Stéphane Hessel, l’auteur du manifeste Indignez-vous ! participe aussi à l’aventure médiatique : « J’ai 88 ans, je n’irai pas sur le bateau mais je dénonce depuis des années toute forme de colonisation. J’ai connu Gaza en 1991 et mon mari et moi-même avons toujours été engagés pour la défense de cette population traumatisée », explique-t-elle.

    https://seenthis.net/messages/526581 via Loutre

  • L’affaire Adama Traoré devient un scandale judiciaire

    Adama Traoré. © DR Deux mois après le décès d’Adama Traoré, cet homme noir de 24 ans mort après son interpellation par les gendarmes, le procureur de Pontoise est fortement mis en cause pour sa gestion du dossier. #Yves_Jannier n’a eu de cesse de communiquer des éléments faux ou tronqués. Le magistrat doit quitter prochainement son poste… mais il est muté en raison de problèmes de management.

    #France #Adama_Traoré #Beaumont-sur-Oise #gendarmerie

  • Why the Boeing & Airbus Sales to Iran are a Big Effing Deal

    The Iran deal has been a disappointment to the Iranian public because it hasn’t actually produced many new economic benefits for Tehran. These aircraft purchases are likely the beginning of a whole new set of relationships.
    The thicker the trade networks between countries the less they can afford to go to war with one another. So that’s why this is a big effing deal.

  • The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب: This is classic: the latest from Human Rights Watch in the Middle East: it condemns racism—kid you not

    This is really classic. Deputy director of Human Rights Watch in the Middle East condemned the statement of Lebanese foreign minister, Jubran Basil, in which he called for excluding Syrians and Palestinians from nationality laws. Now of course, Basil is a repugnant figure whose chances of leadership after the passing of his father-in-law are smaller than my chances of being crowned king of US. But since when Human Rights Watch care about condemning racist and exclusivist statements by politicians? Of course, they only did that because Basil happens to be opposed to the March 14 coalition with which Human Rights Watch is attached body-and-soul. The anti-Shiite and anti-Alawite statements by Gulf officials and leaders of the Syrian exile opposition (including statements that called for extermination of Shiites) never warranted a word of condemnation from Human Rights Watch. Amin Gemayel made statements against the Armenians (after he lost his parliamentary election) and accused them of disloyalty to the homeland. That never warranted statements from HRW. The various anti-Palestinian statements by various right-wing leaders in Lebanon never resulted in condemnation by HRW. And the anti-Syrian refugee statements by Lebanese Minister of Social Affairs never warranted a condemnation. And the sexist statements by Minister of Interior never warranted a condemnation by HRW. But then again: the the last two are part of the March 14 coalition in Lebanon. Did I not tell you once I heard that the secretariat of March 14 wanted to invite HRW to join?

  • The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب: US arms for Saudi regime

    ""I think it’s important to the United States to maintain as good a relationship with Saudi Arabia as possible, and I hope we’ll defeat the resolution of disapproval of the arms sale," McConnell told reporters, calling Saudi Arabia a good ally.  The Pentagon announced on Aug 9 that the State Department had approved the potential sale of more than 130 Abrams battle tanks, 20 armoured recovery vehicles and other equipment to Saudi Arabia. The Defense Security Cooperation Agency said General Dynamics Corp would be the principal contractor for the sale.""

  • Scandalous but not surprising: Physicians Without Borders praises Saudi relief work in...YEMEN http://angryarab.blogspot.fr/2016/09/scandalous-but-not-surprising.html via @asadabukhalil

    I am not making this up. I know that the Saudi regime media often lie and fabricate but I was able to get a confirmation from an inside source in Physicians Without Borders. Physicians without Borders officially praises the relief work of the Saudi regime in Yemen. I told you before: if there is anything Arabs learned in the last few years is that all Western human rights and relief organizations don’t dare to deviate from the foreign policies of Western powers and are willing to cater to tyrannical regimes when they are in line with US policies. Just as UN Secretary General withdrew a report critical of Saudi regime after he was pressured to do so.

  • Pakistan, Chine, Moyen-Orient : l’Inde opère un tournant diplomatique | Mediapart

    Alors que Modi s’apprête à aborder la seconde moitié de son mandat, le nationalisme dont il se réclame prête, dans le sous-continent, à une nouvelle interprétation. Assimilé jusqu’ici au repli sur soi et à l’exacerbation communautaire au profit de la religion hindoue, à laquelle se rattachent huit Indiens sur dix, le nationalisme de Modi est en train de devenir un thème positif, estime Makarand R. Paranjape, professeur de littérature à l’université Jawaharlal Nehru de Delhi, soit un moyen subtil, pour l’Inde, de se hisser enfin dans la cour des grands. « Durant des décennies, le nationalisme a été considéré comme un concept dépassé, c’était presque devenu un gros mot, observe-t-il. Modi tente de lui redonner ses lettres de noblesse, dans le but de restaurer la fierté de ses compatriotes à l’égard de leur propre civilisation. » Une civilisation jugée « moribonde », après le départ des Britanniques en 1947, alors qu’elle aurait au contraire une mission à accomplir sur Terre.

  • Congressman seeks to block arms sale to Saudi Arabia, citing U.S.-backed war crimes in Yemen http://www.salon.com/2016/09/20/congressman-seeks-to-block-arms-sale-to-saudi-arabia-citing-u-s-backed-war-cr

    Despite the enormous civilian casualties and destruction, the U.S. has stood behind the war in Yemen. The Pentagon is still refueling coalition planes and providing intelligence to the Saudi-led coalition. The State Department has stressed that Saudi Arabia, a repressive theocratic monarchy that has exported radical Islamist ideology throughout the Arab and Muslim world, “remains a key ally and partner” and that the “United States continues to support a strong defense and security relationship with Saudi Arabia.”

    Support from the American and British governments is crucial for the continued operation of the Saudi-led war, in which the United Arab Emirates has also played a significant role. “Experts say the coalition would be grounded if Washington withheld its support,” the editorial board of The New York Times noted in an August editorial condemning the U.S. role in the “carnage” in Yemen.

    For more than a year, Lieu, who represents a district in Los Angeles, has been raising concerns about U.S. support for the war in Yemen. He has been one of the most outspoken critics of a bitter campaign of violence that has dragged on for 18 months, often with very little media coverage.

  • La Sécu selon Uber, par Evgeny Morozov (Les blogs du Diplo, 16 septembre 2016)

    Cette collusion entre la Silicon Valley et le secteur public explique que les dirigeants du secteur technologique préfèrent les Démocrates aux Républicains. Conscients du potentiel lucratif qu’offre le secteur public, les entreprises technologiques n’ont aucun intérêt à la réduction de ce dernier : pourquoi se priver de contrats juteux avec l’État ? En confiant la gestion de ses programmes au secteur privé, une administration débordée pourrait même retrouver des marges de manœuvre.

    La Silicon Valley n’est bien sûr pas la seule responsable de cette situation. Le secteur public lui-même est prisonnier des seuls outils du néolibéralisme : grandes entreprises, marché et réseaux. Mais comme il ne peut ni ne veut s’abandonner lui-même, il se tourne vers le privé pour faire son travail. L’État voit ces partenariats d’un bon œil : ils sont une promesse de rapidité et d’économies. Pour la Silicon Valley, ces contrats représentent des revenus réguliers et sûrs, tout en ouvrant l’accès aux données des clients-usagers. Accès qui, à long terme, pourraient s’avérer plus lucratif encore que ces revenus.

    Avec un tel modèle, la prestation de biens et de services essentiels, autrefois chasse gardée de l’État-providence et des autorités locales, se soumet aux caprices des grandes entreprises et de leurs modèles économiques. Des caprices bien réels, et chroniques : les marchés qui semblent rentables un jour finissent par devenir déficitaires, sous l’effet d’événements imprévus qui ne figuraient pas dans les prévisions initiales. Lorsque cela se produit, la plupart des entreprises préfèrent limiter leurs pertes en quittant la scène discrètement, privant ainsi les citoyens d’un service important. Tel semble être le destin de l’« Obamacare ».

    https://seenthis.net/messages/525271 via Agnès Maillard