Sinorock is the professional bolt manufacturer for providing Technical support,Service & Maintenance for Anchoring product,Parts & Logistics,Custom Designed & Built Rock Anchoring Equipment.

  • Sinorock is a highly specialized manufacturer and distributor of only the highest quality anchor bolt products and services available to the rock anchoring industry.
    Our goal is to help our customers and you build better places for folks to live, work and play anytime they need to be carved from solid rock. That’s tough work, so we take the time to listen so we can understand your business goals and the problems that get in your way.Many years of boots on the ground experience has taught us that engineeringers need quality tools and equipment that are designed correctly, they need training and information to help them choose and use them correctly and they need highly trained expert technicians who can service and repair them regardless of where they are. We do our best work when you depend on us the most, the rest of the time we spend learning about how and what to improve. Our job is to help you folks turn NOT POSSIBLE into NOW POSSIBLE.
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