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  • TLS — How Facebook divides us

    When #Facebook emphasizes only what I like from the subset of friends that agree with me, instead of what I have in common with all my friends across political stripes, it undermines the very relationships that power the site. When Facebook makes posting content an all-or-nothing affair that drives users to only post upbeat, insipid posts such as the ice bucket challenge and cat gifs, it undermines our capacity for civil dialogue in what has become the world’s largest public sphere.

    Facebook’s blind emphasis on openness undermines the complex and often mutually incompatible facets of our lives. Facebook has collected an unprecedented trove of data about its users. It is time they consider ways to use this information to bring users together across political, ideological and cultural lines, rather than either hide us from each other or push us into polarized and hostile camps.

    #personnalisation via @antoniocasilli via tbn