The Perils of Writing about Toilets in India


  • The Perils of Writing about Toilets in India | Inter Press Service

    The attack took place while [Journalist Stella Paul] – a 2016 recipient of the International Women’s Media Foundation Courage in Journalism Award and IPS contributor – was researching a story about women forced into dual slavery in illegal mines in South-East, India.

    The women Paul was interviewing had been forced to work unpaid in the mines, but were trying to escape, some of them were attending school, and they had now found out they were potentially going to have their own toilet under a government sanitation scheme.

    “It was revealed that the whole industry was illegal – no license taken from the government – and they were taking out iron ore and selling it to China.”

    “The whole day they force them to work in the mine and at night they force themselves on these women, they force them to serve them sexually.”

    “So it’s dual slavery, they don’t get paid, and they have to allow these men to sleep with them, and their daughters.”

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