• Quand quelqu’un arrive à rester assis plus de deux minutes avec une autre personne sans céder au besoin irrépressible de vérifier qui a liké la photo de son plat de lasagnes sur Instagram, ou si deux amis parviennent à échanger des idées de plus de 140 caractères sans se traiter de nouveau Hitler, hé bien désormais ça porte un nom façon déviance sexuelle : sapiosexual.

    The Hottest Body Part ? For a Sapiosexual, It’s the Brain

    She has had relationships she describes as purely sapiosexual, in which there was no sex, just intense conversation. One man was nowhere near her physical type, but the first time they met, he began reciting poetry by Rainer Maria Rilke. “I was so amazed at how fluid the whole conversation was,” she said. “I could feel something happening inside me.”

    The next time they saw each other, he took her to an art exhibit and gave her all of Rilke’s books. Since then, Rilke has been one of her favorite poets. In such relationships, she said, “I access my wisdom and love and ability to analyze in this incredible way, and they do, too.”

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