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  • Who is my Neighbour?, by Raouf J. Halaby

    While the sordid refugee drama, a tragedy of epic proportions, was unfolding in the Levant and Europe, Americans spent their Labor Day weekend water skiing, picnicking and camping at resorts, national parks, beaches and lakes, watching sports events, and driving their gas-guzzling SUVs (thanks to $2 per gallon petrol). For a backdrop to this celebration of the good life, Americans were treated to a stream of holier-than-thou, made-for-telly sermons on moral behavior. To the best of my knowledge, there’s not been a single American minister, priest, rabbi or imam who delivered a significant sermon on the unfolding refugee crisis in Europe. Meanwhile, American politicians delivered hate-laced speeches appealing to xenophobia. Like a truant criminal, immigration was personified and became the primary whipping boy. Donald Trump and his cohorts insist that a wall must be built on America’s border, a “permanent wall” so high it would hermetically seal America’s borders to keep the riff raff Latinos and Muslim terrorist types out. [#st]