The Season of the Witch


  • The Season of the Witch - Max Dashu On Why We Sexualize, Trivialize, and Fear the Witch - AfterEllen

    There is a pornography of devils arising in the torture chambers, and it’s saying the witch has sex with the devil. What the tortured women are forced to do in order to make the torment stop is to repeat the fantasies back to their torturers. This has had a huge impact on European culture and on the way sexuality is framed when you think about the tropes around sexuality, dungeons, torture, chains, gags, binding women. This is all infused with things that were actually practiced on real women’s bodies in the torture chambers.


    We can’t say 9 million burned at the stake. The question of how many women were affected? Were accused? Were shunned? Were denounced? That number could easily surpass nine million.

    The number of women who taught their daughters keep your head down because this is what can happen to you. There was a huge impact on the way women raised their daughters to keep this from happening to them. I have seen accusations that this number was picked by feminists to surpass the number killed in the Holocaust and that’s false because the number estimated well predates that.

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