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  • Urgent action needed to combat online violence against women & girls, says new UN report

    Key findings of the report include:

    – An estimated 73 percent of women have already been exposed to, or have experienced, some form of online violence.
    – Women in the age range of 18 to 24 are uniquely likely to experience stalking and sexual harassment in addition to physical threats.
    – Nine million women in the European Union’s 28 countries alone have experienced online violence as young as 15 years old.
    – One in five female Internet users live in countries where harassment and abuse of women online is extremely unlikely to be punished.
    – In many countries women are reluctant to report their victimization for fear of social repercussions.
    – Cyber VAWG puts a premium on emotional bandwidth, personal and workplace time, financial resources and missed wages.


    The report presents a set of Key Recommendations, proposing a global framework based around three ‘S’s – Sensitization, Safeguards and Sanctions.

    – Sensitization – Preventing cyber VAWG through training, learning, campaigning and community development to promote changes in in social attitudes and behavior.
    – Safeguards – Implementing oversight and maintaining a responsible internet infrastructure through technical solutions and more informed customer care practices
    – Sanctions – Develop and uphold laws, regulations and governance mechanisms to deter perpetrators from committing these acts.

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