• H5N1: The politics of Ebola updates

    For example, why don’t we learn daily about the children infected and killed by Ebola? Why don’t we know about their families? Why don’t we know about how those families were exposed to the disease, and what they did about it, and how the response actually responded? Too many healthcare workers, even vaccinated, have contracted Ebola; why, and why are any of them still working unvaccinated?

    The world that can help fight Ebola is wretchedly ignorant about the DR Congo in general and North Kivu and Ituri in particular. Where are the towns and villages where people are getting sick? (...)

    Just this afternoon, I downloaded a new report from the UN Development Programme on the Multidimensional Poverty Index. It tells me that 76.6% of Congolese live on less than US$1.90 a day, and 44% of its 92 million people live in severe multidimensional poverty—of which violence is just one of the dimensions. These numbers certainly help to explain the persistence of the outbreak and the resistance of the people to the response. Why should they cooperate with the government of a country of incredible wealth, which has left them in poverty through 60 years of independence?

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