Trump’s Israeli-Palestinian Peace Plan Looks Like Apartheid


  • Trump’s Israeli-Palestinian Peace Plan Looks Like Apartheid

    Un ancien ambassadeur israélien en Afrique du Sud explique le parallèle entre l’apartheid et l’actuelle situation des Palestiniens. Et comment Israël a aidé les bantoustans sud-africaines.

    In the heyday of South Africa’s apartheid regime, the country’s white minority government planned to create 10 so-called homelands—also known as Bantustans—where black South Africans could live far away from the cities it hoped to keep white. It was the culmination of what the regime called “separate development”—an effort to deflect attention from racial oppression by claiming black people had been granted independence in their own states and weren’t second-class citizens in South Africa.

    The apartheid government ultimately created only four ostensibly independent Bantustans (Bophuthatswana, Venda, Ciskei, and Transkei) and six supposedly self-governing territories. Foreign governments for the most part dismissed the puppet states for what they were; South Africa was the only country in the world to officially recognize the Bantustans, and the major decisions regarding their affairs were made exclusively in Pretoria. via Nouvelles d’Orient