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  • Efficacy of hydroxychloroquine in patients with COVID-19 : results of a randomized clinical trial | medRxiv

    En preprint, cette étude chinoise (Wuhan) indique que l’#hydroxychloroquine prescrite aux patients présentant des symptômes légers peut aider à accélérer la guérison. D’après la revue faite par les spécialistes de virologie de Mt Sinai (NYC), l’étude a été faite correctement. Elle ne permet pas de conclure sur l’intérêt de l’emploi de HCQ pour les cas graves de COVID-19.


    Despite its limitations, the study design has good rigor as a double blind RCT and consistent symptom checks on each day of the trail. Now that the FDA has approved HCQ for treatment of COVID-19 in the USA, this study supports the efficacy of HCQ use early in treatment of patients showing mild symptoms, to improve time to clinical recovery, and possibly reduce disease progression. However, most of the current applications of HCQ have been in patients with severe disease and for compassionate use, which are out of the scope of the findings presented in this trial. Several additional clinical trials to examine hydroxychloroquine are now undergoing; their results will be critical to further validate these findings.

    Reviewed by Rachel Levantovsky as a part of a project by students, postdocs and faculty in the Immunology Institute at the Icahn school of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

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