MENA COV-INFO Newsletter : April 3


  • Une lettre d’information intéressante sur le coronavirus au Proche-Orient et au Maghreb

    MENA COV-INFO Newsletter : April 3 - 10

    April 4 - 10

    Thanks for subscribing to the MENA COV-INFO NEWSLETTER. The newsletter seeks to capture how information is controlled and manufactured in authoritarian settings in the Middle East and North Africa (i.e. primarily Arabic-speaking countries); how these dynamics facilitate the spread of mis- and dis-information; and the impact on media, society, and the citizen. I’ll draw as much as possible from open sources, though occasionally from closed-channel or private communications.

    What you’ll find in the newsletter:

    Developments, reporting, analysis on the themes described above
    Memes, videos, and other viral content, or characterizations of them
    My own insights from time to time, clearly noted

    What you won’t find:

    General COVID or MENA or even COVID-in-MENA news (plenty of other newsletters for that folks)
    Straight reports of figures or statistics (kinda misses the point, yeah?)

    Please do send any suggestions, comments, feedback: Twitter DMs open @allisonlmcmanus or Signal on request. via Nouvelles d’Orient