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  • For one indivisible French republic, by Rabah Ghezali

    What we saw on Friday 13 November was pure evil made manifest. Right now, words are not enough to describe the horror France feels. Nothing prepared us for this, not even the January attacks. If terrorism is said to be the weapon of the weak, the Friday attacks were the use of weapon against the weak and innocent, at very symbolic places.

    France loves intellectual debates. But the discussions between those who argue that radical and violent extremists hate us for our modernity, and those who argue that they hate us for our policies seem, right now, superfluous. The answer is obviously yes to both. There is absolutely no political justification for the mass crime they committed against us. With ISIS (or Daesh), absolute violence and the most absurd sectarianism prevail over everything with an eschatological view of the world as sole justification. They aim at getting closer to end of the world by attacking Paris, as a European city and capital of France. [#st]