France’s misconceived ‘Marshall Plan’ for Haiti - Le Monde diplomatique


  • France’s misconceived ‘Marshall Plan’ for Haiti, by Michel Degraff

    During his visit in #Haiti on May 12, 2015, President François Hollande called Haiti a “great French-speaking nation”, then he launched a French-based “Marshall Plan for Education” in Haiti. The rationale for this plan suggests that Hollande is unfamiliar with Haiti’s identity and history, and with UNESCO’s research on language and education. 

    Such unfamiliarity undermines his offer to repay #France’s debt to Haiti through this “Marshall Plan” — a financial and moral debt dating from 1825, when Haiti’s founders agreed, under military threat, to a protracted and debilitating plan to pay a ransom of 150 million francs for Haiti’s independence in 1804. [#st]