Indian jobseekers still waiting for Modi’s ‘good days’


  • Baisse des emplois en Inde et inquiétude des couches moyennes
    Indian jobseekers still waiting for Modi’s ‘good days’ | East Asia Forum

    The Bureau’s data show that employment generation in eight labour intensive sectors — textiles, garments, leather, jewellery, business outsourcing, handlooms, metals and automobiles — amounted to a mere 135,000 jobs during 2015, compared to 490,000 the previous year and a much larger 1.25 million in 2009. Worse still, employment in these eight sectors actually declined in the last quarter of 2015.

    This must surely be worrying news for those observers who never tire of celebrating India’s demographic dividend. More than any other feature of the economy, employment generation will be the key to Modi’s electoral prospects — and indeed to social peace and stability in India. Senior Indian National Congress politician Tarun Gogoi, himself in the midst of a tough electoral battle, was quick to jump on the Labour Bureau’s dismal statistics and chastised the government for the lowest job generation in seven years.

    The recent caste-based protests in Gujarat and Haryana states are symptomatic of rising unrest among the ‘neo-middle class’, who are undoubtedly disappointed with current employment trends. News from management and engineering colleges about flagging levels of student offtake by industry is also disconcerting.