• My main goal with phone numbers was to someday get a number with all seven digits the same. (…)

    I got the numbers 888-8800, 888-8801, up to 888-8899. So by about 1992, I had achieved my lifetime goal of having the ultimate phone number. I put the number #888-8888 on my own cell phone, but something went wrong. I would get a hundred calls a day with no one on the line, not once. Sometimes I would hear shuffling sounds in the background. I would yell, whistle, but I could never get anyone to speak to me.

    Very often I would hear a tone being repeated over and over,
    and then it hit me. It was a baby, pressing the 8 button over and over.

    Steve #Wozniak (I, Woz : Computer Geek to Cult Icon, 2006)

    je n’ai pas lu ce bouquin mais j’adore cette #anecdote #téléphone #numéros #bébés

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