• #Israël-Palestine à la #COP21 : ceci n’est pas un « photobombing »

    Pour la #Photo de famille de la conférence de Paris sur le climat, 195 chefs d’Etat sont placés en rang d’oignon. Un photographe de l’AFP, Martin Bureau, est chargé d’immortaliser le moment pour l’agence de presse, ce lundi. « Pas franchement passionnant », la photo de groupe, admet-il sur le blog Making-of : « Tout l’intérêt consiste à capturer les moments où les dirigeants arrivent dans la salle et interagissent plus ou moins spontanément pendant quelques instants, avant de rejoindre l’emplacement qui leur a été attribué. Pour un photographe d’agence, il faut avoir l’œil...

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  • Abbas: Egyptian Military Coup was a ’Miracle’ - Palestine Chronicle | Palestine Chronicle

    Palestinian Authority (PA) and Fatah President Mahmoud Abbas praised the military coup in Egypt, describing 30 million people taking to the streets voluntarily to call for the coup a “miracle”, Palestinian news agency Safa reported.

    “If this real miracle did not take place, we, the Arab and Islamic nations, would have been staggering and trapped in the hands of darkness and dark powers,” he said, “but, fortunately, this miracle was achieved.”

    Abbas stressed his support for Egypt and all what it is doing regarding “fighting terrorism and extremism everywhere.” He said that he supports its efforts, which aim to get rid of terrorism in the Sinai and all Egyptian cities in order to afford safety and security for the country and people.

    “We are the people who know Egypt the most,” he said, “we benefit most from its support and aid which has been offered to us since before 1948. There have been thousands of martyrs and wounded, as well as tens of thousands of Egyptian fighters who fought for the sake of Palestine.”

    “We do not forget the wars which Egypt went into in order to protect Palestine and the Palestinians. Now it is involved in political wars for the sake of the Palestinian issue and for the sake of peace in Palestine, as well as for the sake of achieving the Palestinian goals.”



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