• Is do-it-yourself CRISPR as scary as it sounds?

    The #do-it-yourself community has #codes_of_conduct in place to guide responsible use of #CRISPR, and it has been more proactive about discussing this technology than the federal government, wrote Todd Kuiken, a senior program associate at the Wilson Center in Washington, D.C., in a commentary published last week in Nature.

    Community norms won’t much influence rogue biohackers intent on causing harm. “But such people could just as easily be scientists working in government, university or commercial labs as DIY biologists,” Kuiken wrote.


    Here’s what several other experts had to say about do-it-yourself CRISPR.

    Ellen Jorgensen: DIY community can do interesting, useful, perfectly respectable things with CRISPR
    Gigi Kwik Gronvall: Safety systems need improving in all labs
    Filippa Lentzos: Don’t single out the DIY community
    Henry Greely: Take care!

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