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  • Australia is in danger - Opinion - Israel News
    The state Down Under recently revoked the visa of a noted Palestinian activist - the long arm of Israel is most apparent
    Amira Hass Apr 12, 2017 4
    read more: http://www.haaretz.com/opinion/.premium-1.782881

    Why is the Australian government afraid of Bassem Tamimi, a Palestinian from the village Nabi Saleh? Last Wednesday, Australia’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection revoked the entry visa it had given him a day earlier.

    Tamimi, who with other popular resistance activists in his village and across the West Bank have managed to focus international attention on the evils of the Israeli occupation, was invited by a left-wing organization and some pro-Palestinian groups to hold a series of lectures and meetings in Australia. No less than Tamimi, they were shocked by the hysterical revocation of his visa. As expected, pro-occupation and pro-expulsion websites were delighted.

    The revocation document, posted on the website of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), says “the [immigration] department has recently been made aware of information that indicates there is a risk that members of the public will react adversely to Mr. Tamimi’s presence in Australia regarding his views of the ongoing political tensions in the Middle East. his presence in Australia would or might pose a risk to the good order of the Australian community.”

    Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Vladimir Putin couldn’t have better formulated the rationale for silencing any opposition voice. What Tamimi has to say is displeasing to some anonymous parties, it says in Australian. Between the lines: These elements could run wild trying to silence him or disrupt events he participates in, and the Australian authorities would be helpless to confront them due to their power (political, financial, physical, or all of these combined). In other words, he constitutes a risk because others will abuse their power in order to silence him.

    #Australie #Palestine #Israël

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  • Not Just for the Sake of Syrians, but for Our Sake

    Precisely the Arabs in Israel, who are fighting discrimination and oppression, must not stutter when it comes to the injustices perpetrated across the border

    Odeh Bisharat Apr 10, 2017 12:16 AM
    read more: http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium-1.782651

    What can the Arabs in Israel do for their Syrian brethren? They have no army, no diplomatic clout, no logistical capabilities that could allow them to offer civilian support. The only thing that remains is moral support – words. “You have neither horses nor treasure to give … so let the words rejoice if circumstances be grim,” said the poet Al-Mutanabbi. But the Arab leadership in Israel has failed in the realm of words as well.
    The truth is that even if the Arabs in Israel manage to give verbal support to Syria’s citizens, that will not change the balance of power at all between U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, or between Syrian President Bashar Assad’s murderers and the fanatics backed by Qatar. In the situation we’re in, the battle over what position should be taken toward Syria is a battle over the moral image of Arab society in Israel, over its attitude toward the terrible massacre going on across the border.
    >> Israeli Arab party fails to condemn Assad’s gas attack in Syria, slams U.S. strikes <<
    And if in the hard days of the chemical-weapons assault on Khan Sheikhoun almost none of the leaders of Arab society in Israel saw fit to condemn the Syrian regime, that’s cause for concern. Even those who did condemn it, by the way, did so weakly, to the point where it could not be said whether the statements were condemnation or commentary.
    Condemnation of Assad produces furious responses from his supporters, as if he were Mother Theresa, censured out of nowhere. But Assad was part of a bloody regime even before the appearance of ISIS and the Nusra Front. On June 26, 1980, when Hafez Assad waited on the steps of the presidential palace to welcome an African guest, two bombs were thrown at him, miraculously missing their target. Revenge was quick to follow. The next day, June 27, at dawn, a group of some 60 soldiers, led by Muin Nassif, deputy of Rifaat Assad, the president’s brother, boarded helicopters and flew to the Tadmor Prison in the heart of the desert. There, the soldiers broke up into smaller groups and opened fire on the prisoners locked in their cells. Five hundred prisoners were murdered in cold blood. That story appears in Patrick Seale’s biography of the senior Assad.

    #Syria #Palestine #Israel

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  • Poker Menteur de Donal Trump pour les Palestiniens...

    Dernièrement Donald a émis une invitation pour Mahmoud Abbas, le leader palestinien qui feigne, à ce jour, de ne pas donner suite. Elle date du 10 mars, depuis beaucoup d’eau a coulé sous le pont liant la résistance palestinienne à la Maison Blanche, thème que beaucoup de journalistes et de médias refusent d’aborder. Le pathos de la diplomatie palestinienne a beaucoup changé depuis la mort du charismatique Yasser Arafat. Alors que la manipulation des lourds supports, de la presse internationale, (...)

    diplomatie, présence, officiels, relations, échanges, politique internationale, rapports,

    / Netanyahou, François Hollande, Toulouse, Canard Enchaîné, Israël, élections , censure, presse, journaux, dictature, expressions, liberté, #Israël,_Proche-Orient,_EPU,_droits_de_l’homme,_ONU, Obama, USA, (...)

    #diplomatie,présence,_officiels,_relations,_échanges,_politique_internationale,_rapports, #Netanyahou,_François_Hollande,_Toulouse,_Canard_Enchaîné,_Israël,_élections #censure,presse,_journaux,_dictature,_expressions,_liberté #Obama,_USA,_Israël,_Proche-Orient,_Palestine #Palestine

  • After Trump request, Netanyahu formulating goodwill gestures toward Palestinians -

    At the meeting the security cabinet decided to curb settlement construction, Netanyahu told the ministers: We must not mislead the Americans, they are tracking every house in the settlements, including in East Jerusalem.

    Barak Ravid Apr 02, 2017
    read more: http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium-1.780952

    The Trump administration is asking Israel to carry out a series of goodwill gestures toward the Palestinians, both in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the security cabinet last Thursday, when he announced plans to curb construction in the settlements. 
    These measures should have an immediate effect on the Palestinians’ economic situation, ministers and senior officials who attended the meeting told Haaretz.
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    During Thursday’s meeting, Netanyahu said several times that U.S. President Donald Trump is determined to advance the Israeli-Palestinian issue and for the two parties to reach an agreement, the sources said.
    >> Analysis: Israel’s most right-wing cabinet ever curbs settlement construction - but the settlers keep mum >>
    Netanyahu said he did not know exactly how Trump wants to make progress, but the prime minister stressed the importance of Israel demonstrating goodwill and not being seen as the one causing the U.S. initiative to fail.
    Three ministers and two senior government officials who participated in Thursday’s meeting, or who were updated on the details of it, briefed Haaretz on what happened behind the scenes during the nighttime discussions about contacts between the United States and Israel on the Palestinian issue.
    All five asked to remain anonymous because of the sensitivity of the matter, and also because it was a closed meeting.
    Netanyahu said he intends to agree to the American demands for additional goodwill steps in the West Bank and Gaza, with the potential for an immediate uptick for the Palestinian economy. He did not provide details about what moves would be taken, but a number of the ministers present understood that one possible step would include granting the Palestinians permission to build in Area C (some 60 percent of the West Bank, under full Israeli civil and security control).
    Education Minister Naftali Bennett, who has blocked previous efforts by Netanyahu to take similar actions, once more presented his reservations. Bennett said he expects that any actions Israel takes on the ground, and the goodwill gestures to the Palestinians, will not expand into moves with major foreign policy implications.

    The Beit Aryeh settlement, north of Ramallah, April 1, 2017. Netanyahu has pledged to curb settlement construction.THOMAS COEX/AFP
    The leader of the far-right Habayit Hayehudi party added that if Netanyahu does consider such moves, he expects the matter to be brought back to the security cabinet for a further discussion and approval.
    Netanyahu scheduled a meeting with the Israel Defense Forces’ Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, Maj. Gen. Yoav Mordechai, and other officials, for Sunday, when they will attempt to put together the package of goodwill gestures and other steps.
    Even though the Prime Minister’s Office stated in recent days no limitations will exist on construction in the Jewish neighborhoods of Jerusalem situated over the Green Line, Netanyahu sounded less emphatic in the security cabinet meeting and hinted that there would not be full normalization on this issue.
    “There are no limitations on construction in Jerusalem, but we will need to act wisely,” he told ministers, hinting it’s possible that certain limitations may be imposed on building in the capital.
    In addition, Netanyahu informed the security cabinet a decision had been made to limit the activities of the highest-level planning committee of the IDF’s Civil Administration, which approves building plans for the settlements. Instead of meeting once a week, as was customary, the committee will now meet only once every three months.
    Netanyahu told the ministers that each of the committee’s meetings – during which decisions are made and then revealed about building plans for the settlements, even if they are only minor technical decisions – leads to media reports, which then causes friction and tension with the international community. Accumulating such plans and having them brought up for discussion only four times a year will limit the amount of global protest, added Netanyahu.
    At the same time, limiting the activities of the IDF’s planning committee could also have an influence on the number of plans approved, as well as the pace at which they advance.
    A senior member on the Yesha Council of settlements in the West Bank said fewer committee meetings would mean a slowdown in the planning process. It would be enough for Netanyahu or Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman to cancel just a single committee meeting for supposedly technical reasons in order to create a situation in which no plans are approved for a full six months.
    In a meeting of the heads of the coalition, Bennet turned to Netanyahu and said that the new policy on settlement construction will be tested by how it would be implemented. “I ask that after Passover a date would be set for the Supreme Planning Committee to convene in order to approve construction plans,” said the education minister. Netanyahu did not respond, but his chief of staff, Horowitz, said that he will check and will soon schedule a committee meeting.
    Netanyahu also told the ministers Thursday that stricter limitations and supervision will be imposed on construction in unauthorized outposts. It is assumed no further construction will be allowed in existing unauthorized outposts, and new ones will be removed shortly after they go up.

    Palestinian women in Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip, March 30, 2017. New goodwill gestures would aim to improve the Strip’s dire economic situation.SAID KHATIB/AFP
    Even though the new construction policy is not part of an agreement with the United States, or even part of the unofficial understandings with the White House, the Trump administration is following their implementation very closely, said Netanyahu.
    Israel must keep to its new policy of restraint and implement it strictly, without trying to deceive the Trump administration, because the Americans know about every house being built in the settlements, he added.
    At Sunday’s Likud ministerial meeting Monday morning, Horowitz, who manages communications with the White House on the issue of the settlements, said that originally the Americans had requested a complete freeze in construction. "It started from zero," Horowitz told the ministers. “The result we reached was much better.” Prime Minister Netanyahu said in response: “I won’t go into it here, but you don’t know how right he is.”

    #Israël #Palestine #Etats-Unis #colonisation

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  • Quand des banques françaises participent à la #Colonisation israélienne

    Huit associations et deux centrales syndicales publient aujourd’hui Les liaisons dangereuses des banques et assurances françaises avec la colonisation israélienne, un #Rapport d’une trentaine de pages qui dénonce la complicité des groupes financiers français BNP Paribas, Crédit agricole, Société générale, Banques populaires-Caisses d’épargne (BPCE) et Axa avec les banques et entreprises israéliennes impliquées dans la colonisation des territoires palestiniens occupés. La création par #Israël de colonies de (...)


    / Israël, #Palestine, #Cisjordanie, #France, Colonisation, #Droit_international, #Finance, #Jérusalem-Est, #État_palestinien, (...)

    « http://www.un.org/fr/ga/search/view_doc.asp?symbol=S/RES/2334(2016) »
    « http://www.consilium.europa.eu/fr/press/press-releases/2016/01/18-fac-conclusions-mepp »
    « http://www.diplomatie.gouv.fr/fr/dossiers-pays/israel-territoires-palestiniens/processus-de-paix/article/israel-palestine-9-cles-pour-comprendre-la-position-de-la-france »
    « http://www.ohchr.org/Documents/Publications/GuidingPrinciplesBusinessHR_FR.pdf »
    « http://www.assemblee-nationale.fr/14/dossiers/devoir_vigilance_entreprises_donneuses_ordre.asp »
    « http://www.france-palestine.org/Les-liaisons-dangereuses-des-banques-et-assurances-francaises-avec »

  • Poker Menteur de Donal Trump pour les Palestiniens...

    Dernièrement Donald a émis une invitation pour Mahmoud Abbas, le leader palestinien qui feigne, à ce jour, de ne pas donner suite. Elle date du 10 mars, depuis beaucoup d’eau a coulé sous le pont liant la résistance palestinienne à la Maison Blanche, thème que beaucoup de journalistes et de médias refusent d’aborder. Le pathos de la diplomatie palestinienne a beaucoup changé depuis la mort du charismatique Yasser Arafat. Alors que la manipulation des lourds supports, de la presse internationale, (...)

    diplomatie, présence, officiels, relations, échanges, politique internationale, rapports,

    / Netanyahou, François Hollande, Toulouse, Canard Enchaîné, Israël, élections , censure, presse, journaux, dictature, expressions, liberté, #Israël,_Proche-Orient,_EPU,_droits_de_l’homme,_ONU, Obama, USA, (...)

    #diplomatie,présence,_officiels,_relations,_échanges,_politique_internationale,_rapports, #Netanyahou,_François_Hollande,_Toulouse,_Canard_Enchaîné,_Israël,_élections #censure,presse,_journaux,_dictature,_expressions,_liberté #Obama,_USA,_Israël,_Proche-Orient,_Palestine #Palestine


    IN HIS MEMOIR, the Israeli journalist Hirsh Goodman described how he returned home from the Six Day War in June 1967 to hear the country’s founding father and first prime minister, David Ben Gurion, speak on the radio. “Israel, he said, better rid itself of the territories and their Arab population as soon as possible,” recalled Goodman. “If it did not Israel would soon become an apartheid state.”

    Goodman was born and raised in apartheid-era South Africa. “That phrase, ‘Israel will become an apartheid state,’ resonated with me,” Goodman wrote. “In a flash I understood what he was saying.”

    In a flash. Yet fifty years later, despite an entrenched and ongoing occupation, Israel’s defenders angrily reject any invocation of the A-word. [...]

    [...] To mention the grotesque crime of apartheid in the same sentence as the democratic state of Israel, they claim, is “slander”, a “smear”, a “despicable” and “blatant lie”, a shameful act of “Israel-bashing” and a “new form of anti-Semitism.”

    So what, I wonder, does that make Ben Gurion? Dishonest or despicable? How about Yitzhak Rabin, who told a TV journalist in 1976 during the first of his two terms as Israel’s prime minister, “I don’t think it’s possible to contain over the long term, if we don’t want to get to apartheid, a million and a half [more] Arabs inside a Jewish state”? Was he also engaged in a smear campaign against the nation he led?

    In recent years, two more former Israeli premiers, Ehud Olmert and Ehud Barak, have echoed their illustrious predecessors’ warnings. Olmert has predicted that “if the two-state solution collapses, and we face a South African-style struggle for equal voting rights, then the State of Israel is finished” while Barak has declared that “if this bloc of millions of Palestinians cannot vote, that will be an apartheid state.”

    Are they Israel bashers, too?

    #Israel #Israël

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  • Palestinians urge EU to stop holding official meetings with Israel in #Jerusalem

    While European representatives serving in Israel avoid holding official meetings or tours beyond the Green Line in Jerusalem, they often visit the Foreign Ministry and other government ministries in the western part of the city. This despite the fact that Europe doesn’t recognize West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and doesn’t have an official mission there.

    Moreover, annual EU reports have carried a recommendation to hold all meetings with senior Israeli officials outside Jerusalem, but it wasn’t acted on. Diplomatic sources estimate that the letter seeks to prepare the ground for the possible transfer of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. By raising the demand, the Palestinians want to equate West Jerusalem to East Jerusalem.

    #UE #Europe #complicité #Israël

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  • Israël ferme le bureau d’un cartographe palestinien à Jérusalem – Site de la chaîne AlManar-Liban


    Il a été arrêté et libéré mais son matériel est confisqué et son bureau fermé, mis sous scellés pour six mois. Je croise les doigts pour qu’il ait pensé à bien faire ses sauvegardes.


    La police de l’occupation israélienne a fait fermer mardi un centre d’étude palestinien de Jérusalem-Est annexée, et brièvement arrêté son directeur, le célèbre cartographe #Khalil_Toufakji, l’accusant de travailler pour le compte des services de sécurité palestiniens.

    Selon l’AFP, la police israélienne a fait état de la fermeture pour six mois d’un bureau « dépendant de, et financé par, l’Autorité palestinienne », interdite d’activité politique et culturelle à Jérusalem-Est, la partie palestinienne de la Ville sainte, occupée par Israël.

    #israël #palestine #cartographie #occupation #annexion #colonisation

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  • Netanyahu expects to reach deal with U.S. on restrained settlement construction -

    ’There’s no blank check from Trump for construction in the settlements and that was known from the first minute he entered the White House,’ says Israeli official.

    Barak Ravid Mar 15, 2017
    read more: http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium-1.777320

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expects to reach understandings with the United States within a few weeks on curbing construction in the settlements, according to an Israeli official.
    Although the understandings with U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration are likely to include Israeli willingness to impose significant restrictions on construction in West Bank settlements, the Prime Minister’s Bureau believes that this will not weaken the coalition.
    “There’s no blank check from Trump for construction in the settlements and that was known from the first minute he entered the White House,” said the official, who is involved in contacts between Israel and the United States on the subject. “We are looking for the common denominator with the Americans that will allow construction on the one hand, and on the other promote with the Trump administration diplomatic moves in many areas.”

    Israeli-U.S. negotiations on restraining settlements.
    Netanyahu met on Monday evening for more than five hours with American envoy Jason Greenblatt. Israel’s ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer, was present for most of the meeting and the most significant part of the conversation dealt with the attempt to formulate understandings on construction in the settlements.
    Netanyahu and Greenblatt are expected to meet again this week before the envoy leaves the country.
    Speaking at a Tuesday press conference at his office, Netanyahu described his conversations with Greenblatt as “good and thorough.” Netanyahu added: “I can’t say that we finished or summed things up; we are in a process, but a process of true and sincere dialogue in the positive meaning of the word. It is not yet open to the press.”

    #colonies #Israël #Palestine #Etats-Unis

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  • Khalil Toufakji, cartographe palestinien de la colonisation, longuement interrogé - Libération

    Habituellement prompte à communiquer sur l’arrestation de terroristes ou présumés tels, la police israélienne commente peu celle, mardi matin, du principal cartographe palestinien #Khalil_Toufakji. Pas plus qu’elle n’explique pourquoi ses bureaux ont été vidés et les ordinateurs saisis. Il a été libéré en fin de journée après de longues heures d’interrogatoires mais son matériel et ses locaux sont toujours placés sous scellés.


    Peu connu du grand public, bien qu’il apparaisse dans le documentaire de Charles Enderlin, Au nom du Temple, le sionisme religieux contre la paix, Toufakji n’est pas un excité. En fait, ce scientifique résidant dans le quartier de Wadi-Joz (Jérusalem-Est) est un paisible grand-père qui s’attache depuis des années à étudier l’extension de la #colonisation israélienne dans la partie arabe de sa ville ainsi qu’en #Cisjordanie. Et il le fait bien, ce qui déplaît aux Israéliens.

    Comme quoi la #cartographie n’est pas un métier sans risque #Israël #Palestine #répression

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  • Trump & les sunnites au Moyen-Orient, jusqu’où va protection biaisée d’Israël ?

    Le 1er ministre de l’Etat hébreu, Netanyahou a rencontré, le 9 mars 2017, le leader russe Poutine. Le lendemain, le 10 du même mois, Donald Trump invite Mahmoud Abbas à une visite. Première du genre, émise à un chef d’Etat étranger, par celui qui souffre du préjugé d’être infréquentable. A première vue, on croirait à une coordination entre Moscou et Washington, si en politique toute coïncidence ne saurait être fortuite. L’actuel président américain qui se dit plus préoccupé des affaires internes, ne (...)

    diplomatie, présence, officiels, relations, échanges, politique internationale, rapports,

    / Netanyahou, François Hollande, Toulouse, Canard Enchaîné, Israël, élections , #Israël,_Proche-Orient,_EPU,_droits_de_l’homme,_ONU, Terrorisme , islamisme , Al-Qaeda , politique , , Obama, USA, Israël, (...)

    #diplomatie,présence,_officiels,_relations,_échanges,_politique_internationale,_rapports, #Netanyahou,_François_Hollande,_Toulouse,_Canard_Enchaîné,_Israël,_élections #Terrorisme_,islamisme,Al-Qaeda,politique, #Obama,_USA,_Israël,_Proche-Orient,_Palestine

  • إفراج متأخر عن الدقامسة لم يمنع الأردنيين من الاحتفالات الواسعة : ليلة ليلاء في اربد وتهاني بعد الخبر.. الأمن نقل “البطل” سرّا وسلمه للمحافظ.. وتحذيرات للحكومة للحفاظ على سلامته.. | رأي اليوم

    Décidée dans la plus grande discrétion et effective à la fin du week-end, à une heure du matin, les manifestations de joie et les commentaires qui ont accompagné la libération du "héros" (c’est le terme souvent employé) jordanien devrait inciter les partisans d’une normalisation accélérée avec Israël à réfléchir.Il avait emprisonné pour le meurtre de 7 Israéliennes en 1997.

    #jordanie #israël

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  • Soigner les blessés syriens : le dilemme d’Israël

    Le chirurgien Eyal Sela opère des blessés syriens en Israël depuis 2013. © Chloé Demoulin Depuis 2013, plus de 2 600 blessés syriens, dont des combattants rebelles, ont été soignés en #Israël. Une initiative humanitaire, selon l’armée israélienne. Mais certains accusent l’État hébreu d’offrir un soutien logistique à des terroristes. « Nous traitons avant tout des êtres humains », réfute le docteur Eyal Sela, installé dans le nord-ouest d’Israël.

    #International #Syrie

  • Israel-Irán: los misteriosos planes de Trump

    Tras su encuentro en Washington, #Benjamin_Netanyahu y #Donald_Trump han decidido que la coexistencia de dos Estados –Israel y Palestina-, no es la única solución para alcanzar la paz en Oriente Próximo y que, pese al acuerdo nuclear iraní, el riesgo de que Teherán se haga con la bomba atómica continúa presente. Todo sin aclarar las verdaderas intenciones de la administración estadounidense.

    #International #casa_blanca #diplomacia #Estados_Unidos #Etats-Unis #Israël #Oriente_Medio

  • Israel loves wars - and does nothing to prevent them -

    There’s no other way to read the state comptroller’s report on the 2014 Gaza war and there’s no more important conclusion that arises from it.

    Gideon Levy Mar 02, 2017
    read more: http://www.haaretz.com/opinion/.premium-1.774709

    Israel loves wars. Needs them. Does nothing to prevent them, and sometimes instigates them. There is no other way to read the state comptroller’s report on the 2014 Gaza war, and there is no more important conclusion that arises from it.
    All the rest – the tunnels, the National Security Council, the cabinet and the intelligence – are trifles, nothing more than efforts to distract us from the main thing. The main thing is that Israel wants war. It rejected all the alternative, without discussing them, without interest in them, to fulfill its desire.
    Israel wanted wars in the past as well. Since the 1948 war, all its wars could have been avoided. They were clearly wars of choice, although most of them were of no use and a few of them caused irreparable damage. Israel usually initiated them, sometimes wars were forced on it, but even then, they could have been avoided, like in 1973. Some of the wars ended the careers of those who started them, and yet, time after time Israel chooses war as the first and preferred option. It is doubtful that a rational explanation can be found for the phenomenon, but the fact is, every time Israel goes to war it receives sweeping, automatic and blind support in public opinion and the media. Thus not only the government and the army love war, all of Israel loves war.
    This is proven by the fact that committees of investigation publish almost identical reports after every war – the report on the Gaza war is almost plagiarized from the Winograd Commission report after the 2006 Second Lebanon War. (“The war was embarked on hastily and irresponsibly.”) When nothing is learned and everything is forgotten, it’s clear that something strong is pulling Israel to war.
    That’s also the way it was in the summer of Operation Protective Edge, when there was no reason at all for war. And that’s the way it will be in the next war, which looms ahead. What a pity that the “red alert” in the south on Tuesday was a false alarm. It was almost the opportunity to strike a disproportionate blow on Gaza, the way Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman and Israel love, the kind that drags Israel down to the next war.

    #Gaza #Israel #war

    https://seenthis.net/messages/574448 via Nouvelles d’Orient

  • La liberté de s’exprimer sur Israël en butte à des attaques dans les universités
    The Guardian, le 27 février 2017

    Signatures (plus de 200 profs britanniques): Prof Jonathan Rosenhead, Prof Conor Gearty, Prof Malcolm Levitt, Tom Hickey, Prof Dorothy Griffiths, Prof Moshé Machover, Sir Iain Chalmers, Prof Steven Rose, Prof Gilbert Achcar, Prof Penny Green, Prof Bill Bowring, Mike Cushman, Jim Zacune, Dr Jethro Butler, Dr Rashmi Varma, Dr John Moore, Dr Nour Ali, Prof Richard Hudson, Dr Tony Whelan, Dr Dina Matar, Prof Marian Hobson, Prof Tony Sudbery, Prof John Weeks, Prof Graham Dunn, Dr Toni Wright, Dr Rinella Cere, Prof Ian Parker, Dr Marina Carter, Dr Shirin M Rai, Andy Wynne, Prof David Pegg, Prof Erica Burman, Dr Nicola Pratt, Prof Joanna Bornat, Prof Richard Seaford, Dr Linda Milbourne, Dr Julian Saurin, Dr Nadia Naser-Najjab, Prof Elizabeth Dore, Prof Colin Eden, Dr Neil Davidson, Jaime Peschiera, Catherine Cobham, Prof Haim Bresheeth, Dr Uriel Orlow, Dr Saladin Meckled-Garcia, Dr Abdul B Shaikh, Dr Mark Leopold, Prof Michael Donmall, Prof Hamish Cunningham, Prof David Johnson, Dr Reem Abou-El-Fadl, Dr Luke Cooper, Prof Peter Gurney, Dr Adi Kuntsman, Prof Matthew Beaumont, Dr Teodora Todorova, Prof Natalie Fenton, Prof Richard Bornat, Dr Jeremy Landor, Dr John Chalcraft, Milly Williamson, David Mabb, Dr Judit Druks, Dr Charlie McGuire, Dr Gholam Khiabany, Glynn Kirkham, Dr Deirdre O’Neill, Dr Gavin Williams, Prof Marsha Rosengarten, Dr Debra Benita Shaw, Dr João Florêncio, Prof Stephen Keen, Dr Anandi Ramamurthy, Dr Thomas Mills, Dr Don Crewe, Prof Robert Wintemute, Andy Gossett, Prof Mark Boylan, Angela Mansi, Dr Paul Taylor, Tim Martin, Keith Hammond, Karolin Hijazi, Dr Kevin Hearty, Prof Daniel Katz, Dr Richard Pitt, Prof Ray Bush, Prof Glenn Bowman, Prof Craig Brandist, Prof Virinder S Kalra, Dr Yasmeen Narayan, Prof Michael Edwards, John Gilmore-Kavanagh, Prof Nadje Al-Ali, Prof Mick Dumper, Graham Topley, Dr Shuruq Naguib, Prof David Whyte, Peter Collins, Dr Andrew Chitty, Prof David Mond, Prof Leon Tikly, Dr Subir Sinha, Dr Mark Berry, Dr Gajendra Singh, Prof Elizabeth Cowie, Dr Richard Lane, Prof Martin Parker, Dr Aboobaker Dangor, Dr Siân Adiseshiah, Prof Dennis Leech, Dr Owen Clayton, Dr John Cowley, Prof Mona Baker, Dr Navtej Purewal, Prof Mica Nava, Prof Joy Townsend, Dr Alex Bellem, Dr Nat Queen, Gareth Dale, Prof Yosefa Loshitzky, Dr Rudi Lutz, Dr Oliver Smith, Tim Kelly, Prof Laleh Khalili, Prof Aneez Esmail, Fazila Bhimji, Prof Hilary Rose, Dr Brian Tweedale, Prof Julian Petley, Prof Richard Hyman, Dr Paul Watt, Nisha Kapoor, Prof Julian Townshend, Prof Roy Maartens, Dr Anna Bernard, Prof Martha Mundy, Prof Martin Atkinson, Dr Claude Baesens, Dr Marijn Nieuwenhuis, Dr Emma Heywood, Dr Matthew Malek, Prof Anthony Milton, Dr Paul O’Connell, Prof Malcolm Povey, Dr Jason Hickel, Dr Jo Littler, Prof Rosalind Galt, Prof Suleiman Shark, Dr Paula James, Dr Linda Pickard, Pat Devine, Dr Jennifer Fortune, Prof Chris Roberts, Dr Les Levidow, Dr Carlo Morelli, Prof David Byrne, Dr Nicholas Cimini, Prof John Smith, Prof Arshin Adib-Moghaddam, Dr Peter J King, Prof Bill Brewer, Prof Patrick Williams, Prof Daphne Hampson, Dr Wolfgang Deckers, Cliff Jones, Prof Luis Pérez-González, Prof Patrick Ainley, Dr Paul Kelemen, Prof Dee Reynolds, Dr Enam Al-Wer, Prof Hugh Starkey, Dr Anna Fisk, Prof Linda Clarke, Prof Klim McPherson, Cathy Malone, Prof Graham Dawson, Prof Colin Green, Prof Clément Mouhot, Prof S Sayyid, Prof William Raban, Prof Peter Hallward, Prof Chris Rust, Prof Benita Parry, Prof Andrew Spencer, Prof Philip Marfleet, Prof Frank Land, Dr Peter E Jones, Dr Nicholas Thoburn, Tom Webster, Dr Khursheed Wadia, Dr Philip Gilligan, Dr Lucy Michael, Prof Steve Hall, Prof Steve Keen, Dr David S Moon, Prof Ken Jones, Dr Karen F Evans, Dr Jim Crowther, Prof Alison Phipps, Dr Uri Horesh, Dr Clair Doloriert, Giles Bailey, Prof Murray Fraser, Prof Stephen Huggett, Dr Gabriela Saldanha, Prof Cahal McLaughlin, Ian Pace, Prof Philip Wadler, Dr Hanem El-Farahaty, Dr Anne Alexander, Dr Robert Boyce, Dr Patricia McManus, Prof Mathias Urban, Dr Naomi Woodspring, Prof David Wield, Prof Moin A Saleem, Dr Phil Edwards, Dr Jason Hart, Dr Sharon Kivland, Dr Rahul Rao, Prof Ailsa Land, Dr Lee Grieveson, Dr Paul Bagguley, Dr Rosalind Temple, Dr Karima Laachir, Dr Youcef Djerbib, Dr Sarah Perrigo, Bernard Sufrin, Prof James Dickins, John Burnett, Prof Des Freedman, Dr David Seddon, Prof Steve Tombs, Prof Louisa Sadler, Dr Leon Sealey-Huggins, Dr Rashné Limki, Dr Guy Standing, Dr Arianne Shahvisi, Prof Neil Smith, Myriam Salama-Carr, Dr Graham Smith, Dr Peter Fletcher

    #Palestine #Grande-Bretagne #Liberté_d'expression #Liberté_académique #Universités #Semaine_contre_l'apartheid_israélien #Israeli_Apartheid_Week #BDS #Boycott_universitaire

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  • #Israël–Iran : que veut Trump ?

    Au cours de leur rencontre à Washington, #Benjamin_Netanyahou et #Donald_Trump ont décidé que la coexistence de deux États – Israël et la Palestine – n’était pas la seule voie vers la paix au Proche-Orient et que, malgré l’accord sur le nucléaire iranien, le risque de voir Téhéran disposer de la bombe atomique persistait. Le tout sans éclaircir les intentions réelles de l’administration américaine.

    #International #diplomatie #Iran #Moyen_Orient

  • Le #Sud-Liban au prisme de la résistance palestinienne

    Si la récurrence des affrontements au Sud-Liban est connue, il est plus rare de se pencher sur l’origine de cette confrontation, tant elle a été recouverte de sédimentations variées où prédominent le #Hezbollah et les invasions israéliennes. Pourtant, l’un des acteurs fondamentaux sur cette ligne de confrontation israélo-arabe est la résistance palestinienne qui a laissé son empreinte sur les formes de la lutte contre #Israël et mis en lumière les enjeux territoriaux du Sud-Liban pour cet État. La (...)


    / #Liban, Israël, Hezbollah, Mouvement de résistance, #Conflit_israélo-palestinien, #Frontière, Sud-Liban, Guerres (...)

    #_Mouvement_de_résistance #Guerres_israélo-arabes
    « https://fr.wikisource.org/wiki/R%C3%A9solution_425_du_Conseil_de_s%C3%A9curit%C3%A9_des_Nations_unie »
    « http://www.persee.fr/doc/rfsp_0035-2950_1985_num_35_6_394222 »
    « http://www.religioscope.org/cahiers/02.pdf »

  • Kramé, « Marcelin Deschamps » peu consensuel, tu ne peux t’excuser…

    Commençons par la censure pour antisémitisme qui, des décennies après Céline, s’est radicalisée, après que l’ancien associé d’Elie Semoun, Dieudonné dont le nom évoque, dans la première partie de sa composition, le mot « dieu », s’est vu isolé dans la marge des opinions abjectes. Libre citoyen français, pouvant encore converser avec d’autres, le franco-camerounais est classé peu consensuel ! Un format, que certains appellent "système", transcendant est en place, celui qui le dépasse, trépasse. Mais est-ce le (...)


    / censure, presse, journaux, dictature, expressions, liberté, journaliste, poète, poésie, livre, écrits, #Israël,_Proche-Orient,_EPU,_droits_de_l’homme,_ONU, beurs, discrimination, (...)

    #censure,_presse,_journaux,_dictature,_expressions,_liberté #_journaliste,_poète,_poésie,_livre,_écrits #beurs,_discrimination,_racisme,_intégration #immigration,_High-Tech,_recrutement,_Web,_Internet #arts,_culture,_littérature,_cinéma,_critique,_performances,_styles #France_Sarkozy_justice_politique_scandale_UMP_PS_PCF

  • #Syrie, #Liban : l’impasse palestinienne

    Portrait d’Arafat au camp de Mar Elias © LD Chassés par la guerre, près de 50 000 #palestiniens ont fui la Syrie pour le Liban ces dernières années. Ils ont rejoint les quelque 300 000 Palestiniens du Liban qui y vivent depuis trois générations dans les camps, sans droits civiques.

    #International #Beyrouth #Israël #OLP

  • #Marine_Le_Pen à l’étranger : des #voyages mi-diplomatiques mi-financiers

    À Beyrouth, le 20 février 2017. © Reuters #Liban, Égypte, États-Unis, Canada, Russie, etc. : les voyages de Marine Le Pen sont à chaque fois entourés de mystères. À cheval entre le diplomatique et le financier, l’officiel et l’officieux, ses visites sont souvent tenues secrètes et les journalistes embarqués, minutieusement choisis.

    #France #Etats-Unis #Financements #FN #Front_national #international #Israël

  • #Israël-Palestine : « La démographie est au coeur de la solution à un seul État »

    Lors de leur rencontre à Washington, Trump et Netanyahou ont semblé abandonner l’idée de deux États, palestinien et israélien, vivant côte à côte. Qu’est-ce que cela implique ? Entretien avec l’historien Vincent Lemire.

    #Culture-Idées #Barack_Obama #Benjamin_Netanyahou #Jérusalem #John_Kerry #ONU #Palestine #Proche-Orient

  • Ces #Colonies israéliennes financées par la galaxie Trump

    Yael Ben-Yashar à #Beit_El le 7 février 2017. © Anthony Lesme Ces dernières années, la famille du gendre de #Donald_Trump, l’ambassadeur en #Israël nommé par le président américain ainsi que le milliardaire lui-même ont versé des centaines de milliers de dollars à des colonies juives en #Cisjordanie.

    #International #Alon_Shvut #Benjamin_Netanyahou #colons #David_Friedman #Jared_Kushner #Moyen-Orient