• Soundings: the story of the remarkable woman who mapped the ocean floor
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    Soundings is the story of the enigmatic, unknown woman behind one of the greatest achievements of the 20th century. Before Marie Tharp, geologist and gifted draftsperson, the whole world, including most of the scientific community, thought the ocean floor was a vast expanse of nothingness. In 1948, at age 28, Marie walked into the newly formed geophysical lab at Columbia University and practically demanded a job. The scientists at the lab were all male; the women who worked there were relegated to secretary or assistant. Through sheer willpower and obstinacy, Marie was given the job of interpreting the soundings (records of sonar pings measuring the ocean’s depths) brought back from the ocean-going expeditions of her male colleagues. The marriage of artistry and science behind her analysis of this dry data gave birth to a major work: the first comprehensive map of the ocean floor, which laid the groundwork for proving the then-controversial theory of continental drift.

    When combined, Marie’s scientific knowledge, her eye for detail and her skill as an artist revealed not a vast empty plane, but an entire world of mountains and volcanoes, ridges and rifts, and a gateway to the past that allowed scientists the means to imagine how the continents and the oceans had been created over time.

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  • How One Brilliant Woman Mapped the Ocean Floor’s Secrets


    Enfin un hommage à #marie_tharp dont les travaux ont peuplé mes deux premières années de géographie physique à Paris au tout début des années 1980, grâce à deux géographes géniaux : Etienne Moissenet qui est mort comme Molière, en plein cours, il est à 95% à l’origine de ma vocation de géographe, c’était un être merveilleux qui aimait la géographie et savait, en grand pédagogue qu’il était, transmettre cette passion. Et Alain Godard, géomorphologue un peu fou et brillantissime qui avait ce talent totalement inégalé de raconter les histoires de la géographie physique.

    Tous deux ont passé les deux années de ce qui était à l’époque le DEUG à tresser des lauriers et se référer en permanence et avec précisions aux travaux fondamentaux de Marie Tharp, principalement ses apports sur la connaissance de la tectonique des plaques. Elle est morte il y a un peu plus de dix ans.



    She is one of the most underappreciated scientists in the history of the earth sciences.

    Though Marie Tharp was a geologist whose work contributed to the ultimate acceptance and success of the plate-tectonic theory, her legacy has garnered little recognition—and most of it has been for her cartographic endeavors.

    In my opinion, however, even the admiration she has received for her maps—including the “Atlantic Ocean Floor” map, published in 1968 in National Geographic magazine (included below)—doesn’t rise to the level that those incredible maps deserve.

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