• TARUTA plan for the crisis in Eastern Ukraine

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    Ukrainian parliament deputy Sergei Taruta is one of the few representatives of Ukraine’s establishment, who now has the moral right to write a “plan for Donbass”, “plan for Eastern Ukraine”.

    Ukrainian tycoon Viktor PINCHUK at the end of last year, presented his plan for a peaceful conflict resolution in Eastern Ukraine. For it he got a response in a way of obstruction from the Ukrainian society as well as from the political elite of the native country.

    Although, frankly, his article in The Wall Street Journal, dedicated to the issue, had no particularly riotous ideas. There’s even a phrase that pro-Russian politicians are “flirting” with Moscow, for example, the statement “Crimea does not belong to Russia and Ukraine, as well as those who live there,” or words on the alleged (actually non-existing) “civil war in Eastern Ukraine.”

    Moreover, PINCHUK declares the ideas that have been very popular in the Ukrainian society in the spring of 2014: the real “Europeanization” of Ukraine (the actual introduction of high European standards in industry, politics, law) rather than formal (de jure, on paper) European integration; Ukraine’s economic growth as the best answer to separatism; a sober look at the relationship with the EU and NATO.

    I would dare to suggest that the negative reaction to the proposal of Viktor PINCHUK has more to do not with their content and their form: the publication of this important material is not in Ukrainian, and in the American media; an obvious attempt to guess the position of the future team of TRUMP ... Yes, and the principle of “concessions in exchange for a peace” reminds Ukrainians indulgence to a blackmailer: so one can every day pay tribute not to be shot by “vacationers” (sometimes referred to as the Russian military men in Ukraine, Donbass - they are fighting against the regular army of Ukraine informally, and according to Russian documents are on vacation).

    Whatever it was, the reaction on the speech of Victor PINCHUK raised the issue in the country, who in Ukraine actually kept and moral authority together with competence to write a “plan for Eastern Ukraine”. If we look, these, unfortunately, there are a few people of such a kind.

    Minsk negotiators from Ukraine, at best, provoke further questions, at worst cause doubts. For example, one of them is Viktor MEDVEDCHUK, leader of the pro-Russian political movement and a father of Vladimir PUTIN’s godchild. Not a good idea to defend their principles, is not it?

    “The party of war” certainly has its aggressive plan of solving problems of Eastern Ukraine. Only Ukraine is unlikely to be reckoned with it. Just because the “party” itself is in Kiev, and the bullets “vacationers” hit the best men and women of the country.

    In general, “metropolitan residence” of project and plans sponsors is a big disadvantage and a big threat. They are talking about a truce, integration and reconstruction, but also with national interests (or rather, party and clan interests) do not take into account the opinion of the actual Ukrainian Donbass. In addition, they do not have experts knowledge about Donbass: most of the information from the media operates and builds its opinion on the basis of unverified one.
    ukrainian businessman Sergei Taruta ukrainian businessman Sergei Taruta

    One of the very few formations, and having proper jurisdiction, and “the power of voice” - a parliamentary platform “Future of Donbass” created by a ukrainian businessman Sergei TARUTA. It is important that he has achieved success exactly in the east of Ukraine - his company was called “Industrial Union of Donbass”. It is important that, he led the Donetsk Regional State Administration in spring of 2014 - just in time of the first pro-Russian demonstrations and riots and bed-down of the Russian special forces in the region. In Ukraine, such a position is often used for personal gain. Business which led to the Russian partners was the price Sergei TARUTA paid for his patriotic views. He lost several friends and associates - they were killed by pro-Russian protesters or the Russian military men. Who else made the same bet on the Ukrainian Donbass? Considering this TARUTA is understood and accepted everywhere in Ukraine (from west to east), as well as in Europe and in the United States.

    Unfortunately, only “Lords of War” and defeatists are fighting for the right to make the region and the country’s rescue plans.