• Toujours intéressant les professions de foi : ici celle de Netflix, chapitre « Competition ».

    We compete for a share of members’ time and spending for relaxation and stimulation, against linear networks, pay-per-view content, DVD watching, other internet networks, video gaming, web browsing, magazine reading, video piracy, and much more. Over the coming years, most of these forms of entertainment will improve.

    If you think of your own behavior any evening or weekend in the last month when you did not watch Netflix, you will understand how broad and vigorous our competition is. [sic, flippant.]

    We strive to win more of our members’ “moments of truth”. Those decision points are, say, at 7:15 pm when a member wants to relax, enjoy a shared experience with friends and family, or is bored. The member could choose Netflix, or a multitude of other options.


    Video piracy is a substantial competitor for entertainment time in many international markets. [Et merci bien.] It is free and offers very broad selection. Were video piracy to become easy, reliable, and socially acceptable, it could become our largest competitor. Global music revenues have been falling for 15 years due to large scale music piracy. Great inexpensive services like Netflix will hopefully help prevent video from following the decline of music.

    #industrie_culturelle en guerre pour capter des parts du marché mondial de l’#attention, du #divertissement et des plate-formes de #SVOD pour lutter contre le #téléchargement_illégal ou #piratage — qu’il est loin le temps où l’on réfléchissait à une licence globale.

    Comme le disait @calimaq je ne sais plus où, le rêve de licence globale a pour l’heure été réalisé par le privé, Netflix et autres GAFAM.

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