• 2015 (#SDG, #COP21) did not deliver, frugal abundance will:


    our biggest enemy is in fact the idea that “we can change everything without changing anything”, that capitalism can further evolve by conforming climate change to its model – as with any threat or challenge it has had to face, fuelling itself from such threat to constantly push further its boundaries. (...) While more people seem to be conscious of these needed changes, we are still facing issues to realistically envision the deep changes that are required. Here is some information that could help us: “the world’s most successful and long-lasting ecovillages (…) have yet to attain a “fair share” ecological footprint” since they are “consuming resources and emitting waste far in excess of what could be sustained if everyone lived in this way”.

    Frugal abundance is the way ahead ...

    #degrowth #FrugalAbundance #décroissance