Electronic uv lamp ballasts contain semiconductors along with other electronic components. Electronic ballasts resemble for the switching power supplies you will get in computers, making a ’chopped’ electrical current with nearly 50,000 pulses of electricity supplied to your lamp with all the inductor along while using the capacitor smoothing your voltage or current. Transport and launch of waterborne organisms caused by ballasting and de-ballasting operations is widely acknowledged to represent an important mechanism for invasions by non-indigenous species. Regulatory requirements are implemented globally to require treating ballast water before its release around the environment being a method of minimizing perils of invasion. UV-based processes represent possible for ballast water treatment; however, their use will demand growth and development of appropriate alternatives for reactor validation. To address this need, Tetraselmis was examined as challenge organism developing a most probable number (MPN) assay for quantification for the concentration of viable. The Aquarius UV ballast water treatment method a filter and UV based system designed and manufactured by Wartsila Water Systems, UK. The system posesses a cross flow, medium pressure UV lamp system and is particularly for sale in flow rates from 50m3/hr around 1000m3/hr, with higher capacities achieved through combining units.

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