Why do we still use the term ’sub Saharan Africa’ ?


  • Why do we still use the term ’sub Saharan Africa’? - Quartz

    “It divides Africa according to white ideas of race, making North Africans white enough to be considered for their glories, but not really white enough,” Tatenda Chinondidyachii Mashanda, a politics and international affairs scholar at Wake Forest University, wrote earlier this year for The African Exponent. “[It] is a way of saying ‘Black Africa’ and talking about black Africans without sounding overtly racist.”
    One US diaspora group found the phrase so “disparaging and contemptuous” it launched a 2010 petition to abolish it—but found scant success.

    (...) What’s wrong with more accurate geographic markers, like East, West, Central and Southern Africa? Or even just calling Nigeria, the world’s seventh biggest country, by its own name?

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