Qui se souvient de PlanetAll ?


  • Qui se souvient de PlanetAll ?

    Back in 1998, nearly 20 years ago, #Amazon acquired a startup out of Boston called #PlanetAll, which might best be described as a very early predecessor to Facebook (right down to the Harvard pedigree).

    Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder and CEO, at the time noted that PlanetAll was “the most innovative use of the Internet I’ve seen… It’s simply a breakthrough in doing something as fundamental and important as staying in touch. The reason PlanetAll has over 1.5 million members–and is growing even faster than the Internet–is simple: it creates extraordinary value for its users. I believe PlanetAll will prove to be one of the most important online applications.”

    Wise words, considering what #Facebook has come to represent in our world today. However, Amazon ended up shutting down PlanetAll in 2000, incorporating some of its recommendation technology into its Marketplace.

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